Homosexuality: Gay White Man Rough-Handled By Lagos Boys For Trying To ‘Hook Up’ With Facebook Friend


Same sex relationship is highly prohibited not only by the Nigerian constitution but also by the African culture. Although a lot of young men and women today are coming out boldly to announce that they are gay, a host of other Nigerians are strongly against the unholy relationship. Probably ignorant of this fact, a gay white man ended up beaten to a pulp after he visited a friend he met on Facebook for gay intercourse.

The foreigner simply identified as Zcent, nearly lost his life after he was manhandled by some Lagosians while he was visiting a prospective gay friend. It was learnt that Zcent was brutally beaten residents and dumped at a Catholic church in Ori-Oke, Ejigbo area of the state.

A report on PM Express revealed that the gay white man left his home in Lagos Island to visit a friend he recently chatted with on Facebook. As soon as he arrived at the agreed spot, he was suddenly surrounded by some youth who dragged him out of his car, stripped and beat him without mercy.

According to eyewitnesses, the man was pressuring a resident of Ori-Oke area for intercourse and promised to pay him in dollars.

The police in Ejigbo division came to his rescue after the incident was reported.

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In a similar incident which happened in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, on December 13, 2016, a young gay man identified only as Abraham was lured to a friend’s house, encouraged to strip naked for sex, and then beaten with planks by neighbors.

The victim, a boy of between 20-22 years, met another young man (believed to the the manager) at a pharmacy where went to collect drugs for his asthmatic mother. They became friends, chatting regularly on the phone.

“We were only chatting as good friends until he inquired about why I was so serious with him, and if I was in love with him,” Abraham said.

“I told him that I really liked him and that I felt like I was with a woman each time I was with him, so he invited me over so we could see to talk more. That was when I decided to go see him.

“I realized I was gay in 2008, while I was still in school, and ever since then I have found it really hard to stop,” Abraham confessed.

The pharmacy’s manager, speaking anonymously, admitted he had lured Abraham to his house.

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“I knew this guy was a homosexual when he started calling me frequently and constantly wanting to meet me. I actually thought he was joking until when he came to my house and asked that we have sex.

“That was when I excused myself to go to the bathroom to call my friends on the phone, who mobilized friends and neighbors,” the pharmacy’s manager added.

A mob then descended on the house armed with planks, slapping and beating Abraham while he was still naked. The neighbors threatened to call the police but realised officers would likely not take him to court, despite homosexuality being a criminal offence.

The mob believed the police would demand bail cash from Abraham so they could corruptly pocket the money.

The pharmacist said they had called Abraham’s parents “so that we could inform them of the situation, so they can know what their child is doing.”

“We wouldn’t want to proceed with arresting him or anything of that nature, as the family is a good customer and they do not have money to get him out of the situation if the matter goes to the police,” he said.