‘Gay’ Nigerian Jailed For Raping Woman In Ireland


Another disgrace to Nigeria in the diaspora as a 22-year-old ‘gay’ man identified as Kenneth Udeh has been jailed for raping a woman in Ireland.

Kenneth, who is reported to have claimed asylum in Ireland because he was gay, was sentenced to five years in prison for raping the woman after offering her a lift home while she was on a night out in Waterford city centre, in September 2014.

Udeh with an address at Coffee House Lane, Waterford, pleaded guilty to the offense at the Central Criminal Court in the city.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told the court she was pushed to the ground before Udeh dropped his trousers and raped her.

Shouting for help, a local man who was working late came to her help. He chased Udeh, who managed to escape the man.

After being traced by the Garda (police), he initially denied sexual contact, but changed his plea after his claim was contradicted by forensic evidence.

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Originally from Nigeria, Udeh came to Ireland in 2009 and had applied for and been refused asylum twice. He is now appealing his position to the Refugee Appeals Tribunal.

When he initially came to the country, he claimed he was a Christian living in a Muslim country and suffered persecution as a result.

After being returned, he came to Ireland again claiming he was homosexual.

In a report read to the court, the unnamed woman said she was “violated” and that she no longer wanted to live after the rape. She added that it placed severe stress on her relationship and had given a bad impression of all black men, who she now feared.

The woman said she didn’t believe that Udeh should be allowed to remain in the country, but Mr Justice McCarthy said that was for the courts to decide.

On sentencing Udeh, he said the attack had a serious effect on the woman and backdated the five year sentence to reflect time he had already spent in custody.

Defence counsel Mary Rose Gearty said Udeh had been in custody since the offence and allayed fears that his time in prison would be more difficult for him due to his race and nationality.

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