29 Funniest Nigerian Church Posters That’ll Make You Laugh Till You Cry


When it comes to anything that concerns Church, Nigerians have not been found wanting. When you walk through the streets of Nigeria, one of the things you easily notice is the indiscriminate way posters are being pasted on the walls, signposts, cars and every available space, ranging from obituary posters, campaign posters, church posters etc. But the ones that actually prompted this write-up are the church posters. Sincerely speaking, we don’t have anything against any church, we were only captivated by the themes they use on their church posters, and some of them are quite very funny.

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Apart from the images they use on the write ups, some of the themes sound more like movie titles. A theme like “Prison Break Season 1”, the last time Prison Break Season 1, was used, it was a movie that involved a bunch of criminals escaping from the prison, and now seeing it as a church program can only leave the question of why? Perhaps, by the time you go through these few church posters we came across, then you will have a clear understanding of what we are talking about. But the good news is that whatever your problem is, you will see a poster that describes it perfectly and don’t forget to share with your friends as you scroll along. Here we go:

Give Me A Spouse Or I Die

funny church posters 1

Point and Kill


How To Identify A Witch


Point and Kill the Witch with Catapult

funny church posters 2

Prison Break (Season 1)

funny church posters 3

 Who Is Monitoring My Life, Leave Me And Let Me Drive My Car

funny church posters 4