Full Biography Of Actor Nonso Diobi and Why He Hasn’t Started A Family At Age 46

Nonso Diobi (born 17 July 1976) is a Nigerian actor and film director from Anambra state. He became famous across Africa following his appearance in the 2005 movie ‘Across the bridge’. At 47, the actor is yet to get married for reasons he has not yet disclosed.

Nollywood icon Nonso Diobi has remained a force to reckon with in the Nigerian film industry. The talented actor who has been in Nollywood for over 15 years has engraved his name in the sands of time as far as the Nigerian entertainment industry is concerned. He rose to fame first as an actor after his debut in the movie Border Line which became the beginning of greater things to come in his career. Now, he is also a director and there are many pointers to how successful he has grown over the years. But still, a couple of questions are still begging for answers from this actor; one of them is why he hasn’t married yet.

Profile of Nonso Diobi

  • Full Name: Nonso Diobi
  • Age: 48 years old
  • Birthdate: June 17, 1976
  • Birth Place: Enugu
  • Ethnicity: Igbo
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Profession: Movie Actor, producer
  • Net Worth: $100,000 – $1M
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Girlfriend: Unknown
  • Kids: 1

Nonso Diobi’s Early Life

The veteran actor was born on 17th July 1976 in Enugu state, though his ancestry is traced to Nawfia village, a small settlement in Njikoka Local Government Area of Anambra state. He was born into a family of 5 siblings – 3 boys and 2 girls in which he is the youngest. He had his childhood growing up in Enugu where he completed his primary and secondary education.

While Nonso was still in secondary school, he shuffled his studies with his business of cloth selling; he sold clothes to his fellow students and within the neighborhood. At the time he was unaware that he would end up becoming an actor, although he had a keen interest in the art. Nonso Diobi who had always dreamt of being an actor started acting in the prime of his teen, specifically at the age of 15 years in 1991. He belonged to a drama club in his church at the time and exhibited unique acting qualities. Obviously, that was the nurturing ground where the young Nonso nursed his acting skills – a move that would eventually shape his career and push him to the fame he later found in life.

Before His Nollywood Stardom, Nonso Frequented Acting Auditions

After his secondary education, Nonso Diobi when further to the University of Nigeria to pursue his passion. He studied for the required number of years and bagged his degree in theater arts. During his university days, the then aspiring actor frequented acting auditions a whole lot, sometimes even at the detriment of his lectures. But with some successful auditions, Diobi made his way into Nollywood in 2001 with his debut silver screen appearance in the film titled Border Line.

However, he became more prominent after starring in the epoch-making movie titled Hatred, directed by Adam William. This became his lucky charm, as his name stuck on the lips of most movie lovers and households across the country and even beyond. Again, that movie got him one of the most envious nominations as the most promising actor at the African Movie Academy Awards.

His Prominent Works in Nollywood and Career Awards

At this point of his acting career, Nonso has starred in over 150 Nollywood movies. The most popular among them are:

  • The Last 3 Digits
  • Bafana Bafana
  • Oversees
  • Be My Val
  • Makers of Justice
  • Palace Slave
  • Across the Bridge
  • Black Bra
  • Blood Battle, etc.

Like many of his counterparts, Nonso’s acting prowess and hard work have paid off in the long run as he has the money to show off with his $1 million net worth and also a long list of successful works and awards. Some of the awards he has won so far include:

  • Best Supporting Actor, African Movie Academy Award 2008
  • Best Actor in Leading Role, African Movie Academy Awards 2008
  • Best Actor of the Year, Golden Icons Movie Academy Award 2014
  • Best Actor in a Comedy African Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards (AMVCA) in 2015.

How Much is the Actor Worth?

Career success in a profession like acting is always accompanied by a fat bank account. Nonso Diobi is no exception with his net worth approximated to be $100,000 – $1 million, which is quite a huge amount when converted into the Nigerian currency. From the foregoing, the Nollywood idol has undoubtedly distinguished himself so much so that many Nigerians regard him as the best Nollywood actor of his generation as well as one of the most handsome actors in Nollywood. 

Nonso Diobi’s Relationship Status has Remained a Mystery to Many

The Nollywood veteran like most celebrities tries his best to keep his private life far from public light. However, in as much as he tries to be discreet with his personal life, there have been some rumors making rounds some time back alleging that Nonso Diobi may possibly be gay. This is owing to the fact that there has been no trace of his relationship status with any lady. Nevertheless, Nonso has strongly debunked all of the allegations. 

Surprisingly, at 48 years old, the Nollywood bigwig is still single at the moment as he has his reservations about marriage. Also, he seems to be very careful in delving into marriage in a rush but hopes to settle down someday. Notwithstanding, the actor is rumored to have had a crush on the Nollywood queen Ini Edo. In an interview widely reported, the Nollywood actor revealed that he loves Ini Edo because of her high sense of humor. He further admitted that he would love to date the actress.

He is a Single Father

The actor has shed more light on his relationship status and has explained that he is yet to settle down because he is yet to find the right woman. Even though he is still single, he was involved in a relationship in the past with a lady whose name is still not known, but we know she bore him a son.

The Actor announced the arrival of his first child in November 2019. Following this, many of his fans made a frantic effort to find out who the mother of his son could possibly be but up till now, no revelation has been made.


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