Fuel Crisis: Senate Summons Mr. Kachikwu


On Monday, the Senate ordered the Minister of State for Petroleum, Mr. Kachikwu, to appear before its Committee on Petroleum Downstream today, Tuesday, over persistent fuel scarcity in the country. Sen. Jibrin Barau, Chairman, Senate Committee on Petroleum Downstream, told journalists immediately after an on-the-spot assessment of filling stations in the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, that it became highly necessary to give him the order as a result of the suffering Nigerians have been subjected to.

He condemned the fact that despite the assurances from the ministry that the situation would be brought under control, it had instead persisted. According to Sen. Jibrin Barau:

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“We have invited the minister of state to appear before the committee tomorrow to tell us about the fuel scarcity problem and the strategy he is employing to solve it. We will expect him to give a date when the problem will be resolved permanently; this is the course of action we have taken.

“We are not satisfied because this problem has gone unabated for too long; the situation is appalling and it is a major problem. We gave the ministry enough time and space to put its act together to solve this problem.’’

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Barau gave an assurance that the Senate will be able to define its position on the issue after meeting with Mr. Kachikwu who is also the Group Managing Director, NNPC. The action of the Senate has attracted a lot of reactions from Nigerians and although some people believe it is a step in the right direction. Many more believe it is President Buhari who should be summoned instead of Kachiukwu. Below are some of these reactions:

Our Senate is filled with bunch of people who don’t know their left from their right. Is it not worrisome that this is coming after Tinubu asked Mr. Kachikwu to resign? Puppets, that’s all I see in the National Assembly! This has been my greatest fear when Buhari declared he will be the minister of Petroleum. The Senate lacks the balls to summon him. The downward move of our great nation worries me.

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Dinma Tonysmile
Satan will punish the head of the senate to the least person if you people do not invite Mr. Kachikwu along side with his boss minister Buhari who is either confused or deranged. You people have gradually turned Nigeria to a banana island where u leave the boss to query the subject. Useless representatives.

This country is a nation of jokers, cowards, ass-lickers and unintelligent nonentities. By this I am referring both to the leaders and followers. Tell me why would a whole senate be inviting a minister of state for a big national emergency like acute fuel scarcity while ignoring the substantive minister of petroleum? And tell me why an indolent followership like Nigerians sit their ass down and tolerate this ongoing excruciating suffering, instead of marching on the street to demand their rights. Anyway as the saying goes, every society deserve the kind of leadership it gets.

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The thing I find most disturbing about the fuel scarcity problem is that there is no coherent explanation as to why it is happening. Starting from policy makers to the Media to the National Assembly, etc, there is no unanimity of opinion as to the cause of the scarcity. One day, we blame Marketers, then Pipeline vandals, then Forex shortage, then Local refineries, then bla bla bla.

The communication method/strategy of this administration is so out of sync and uninspiring. It even bothers on arrogance. They think just because they can regurgitate the stale rhetoric of defeat of BH and anti-corruption fight, we should all dance atilogwu for them. I still have implicit confidence in the administration and its direction, but they seem to be too comfortable and moving slower than Snail.

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