MMM: OAP Freeze Endorses Apostle Suleman’s Sermon Against The Ponzi Scheme


Following the sermon by Apostle Johnson Suleiman of Omega Fire Ministries (OFM) stating that the popular MMM Ponzi Scheme is demonic, OAP Freeze made a statement in agreement to the clergy’s point.

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Recall that Suleiman said Christians are not supposed to be involved in a scheme founded by a fraudster, saying that he needs to pray for those involved in MMM and similar schemes, so they can be delivered.

Cool FM Freeze shared Suleiman’s sermon on his social media platform and a note urging Nigerians to wake up from the scam dream.
He said although it is expected that Nigerians will jump on such a scheme considering the hardship in the nation, the Ponzi Scheme will do more harm than good in the long run.


“I’m with him on this one, I can’t believe a redeemed parish actually endorsed MMM, this recession is meant to make us look in ward and come out stronger like China did but you can’t take a get rich quick scam from a Nigerian no matter how hard you try!

“The economies of China, Dubai, America and Europe were not built on MMM, get up lazy Nigerians, Dubai in 1999 was a desert, if a super nation can emerge in less than 15 years our time is now! 15 years from now, we would regret we were playing around with MMM when our mates were building their countries. ~FRZ

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MMM has gained popularity among thousands of Nigerians who have benefitted from the programme, which promises a monthly payment of 30 percent interest on loans provided by participants.

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Since July 2016 that MMM was launched in Nigeria, many people have continually testified to its usefulness in their financial life. Late month, one Potokri shared his MMM testimony on Facebook; he bought a brand new Lexus 330 with the profit he made from MMM.

And as long as more people keep benefiting from the scheme, no matter how Ponzi it is, Nigerians are yet to say NO to MMM.

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