FREDERICK FORSYTH: Spies Came After Me For Reporting The Biafra War Correctly


Famous author and former journalist Frederick Forsyth has opened up on his ordeal with the British Authorities for choosing to report about the Biafra Civil War independently.

The Award winning author said a BBC spy known only as ‘The Investigator’ broke into his flat while he worked on the conflict.

The writer was addressing an audience at the Edinburgh Book Festival when he made the remarks.

Forsyth said the British authorities were concerned that his reporting of the war was unfavorable to the former colonial masters who would have preferred a more Pro-Nigeria-style reporting.

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Frederick Forsyth was one of the few foreign journalists who raised alarm over the British involvement in the conflict, revealing that the British Government armed the Nigerians during the war.

He said:

“I got my own ticket to Portugal and conned an arms dealer into taking me into Biafra and while I was there someone entered my flat.”

“They said to the neighbors that we had concerns for my health … the door was duly beaten in.”

Asked exactly who had kicked his door in, Forsyth said:

“It was the BBC. I was told there is a very secretive fellow in the BBC called ‘The Investigator.”

“They were terrified because the BBC had had a correspondent who had defected and it caused a huge scandal. Very, very embarrassing, so just in case there were any other backsliders they had a man to investigate the politics.” 

Forsyth, who recently admitted that he himself engaged in intelligence work for the British state while a journalist, had withering words about the UK establishment.

He told the audience he preferred “to be an outsider looking in because as far as I can tell most of the establishment are b*stards and I don’t want to join them.”

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He said the BBC had been very much a part of the country’s power structures as an arm of the “establishment … not just a news organisation”

Forsyth went on to author many International Best Sellers including The Biafra Story, The Odessa File, Emeka,The Dogs of War,The Day of the Jackal,The Fourth Protocol amongst others.