Fraud: Buhari Declares Jonathan’s Govt Guilty Of Abusing Trust


President Mohammadu Buhari, while addressing members of the House of Representatives, had referred the immediate past government’s billion naira spending on procurement of ammunition as an “abuse of trust”.

According to him, the expended “billions of naira and hundreds of millions of dollars to acquire military equipment by the Goodluck Jonathan’s administration has cost the nation lives and equipment through its abuse of trust. Speaking further on the current security challenges faced by the nation, the president urged Legislators to work together with his government to secure the country and effectively manage it. “There are a lot of obstacles to be crossed. The objectives we have are to secure this country and effectively manage it,” he said.

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The president added further that the country under his leadership had set clear targets toward the re-organisation, retraining and re-equipping of the military to neutralize the major security challenge posed by the Boko Haram sect.

He also registered his concern on how the nation, which had earned for its self great reputation in its fight against criminal activities and defence of territories abroad, is incapable of defending a few local government areas occupied by insurgents.

Further more, the president reminded legislators of the need for them to cooperate with him noting that Nigerians were wiser to know those who represent them well. Wishing not to work alone without their support, he reminded them of the consequence of refusing to act in tandem with his government. “I seek your understanding,” Mr. Buhari appealed.

Referring to attempts by the Boko Haram Sect to divide the nation as a miscalculation, a misleading, and working against God, the president said he has taken the initiative of seeking the collaboration of the international community to be able to win the war against terrorism.

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President Buhari ended his speech by saying that the military is doing well in gradually decimating the sect, making it hard for them recruit more people to continue their terrorism.

Meanwhile, in response to the president’s speech, Yakubu Dogara who is the speaker of the House, assured the president of the support of the House so as to ensure that the government under his administration leaves something meaningful to future generation Nigerians.

Noting his concern for the future of Nigeria, and how it is important that the present government corrects all wrongs and do things right, the speaker made the following statements:

 What bothers me is the legacy we are leaving behind. After we have exited, what will our children and grandchildren say about us,… Your hosting us today shows that there will be a seamless interface between the three arms of government to deliver to the people.

We support you like many Nigerians will support you because there is nobody that will be in doubt that you will rid this country of corruption,”

These four years are very critical. If you don’t get it right under us, this generation will forget about getting it right.

Mr Dogara added that the time to restructure the economy is now, and admitted that disagreements between the executive and the legislature is bound to occur, beginning with the handling of the provisions of the 2016 appropriation bill, but he will ensure that the issue is handled in the interest of the public.

He ended his speech  with “We will support you regardless of our political differences and we have to leave something to our children and posterity.