Shocking! US Official Reveals How Obama Engineered Jonathan’s Removal (Video)


Yesterday, August 30, former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode, shared a thought-provoking video by the Hope for Biafra channel on his Facebook page. In the video recording which was an interview with one former US official who claimed he worked with Bill Clinton, former American president, he revealed that Barack Obama sent his operatives to help Muhhamadu Buhari, the candidate from the All Progressives Congress (APC), to be elected as the Nigerian president.

Here’s what the former US official said:

“David Axelrod Obama’s chief advisor has just worked in a successful election campaign for the Muslim candidate in Nigeria against the Christian incumbent. The Muslim candidate is a former military dictator who ruled the country with an iron hand. His name is Muhammadu Buhari and he has just defeated a guy named Goodluck Jonathan.

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“Nigeria is a very valuable country because of the huge oil reserves inside and winning the presidency there is a big deal. Buhari used to be an advocate of Sharia law and attempted to impose it in Nigeria.

OBAMA AND Buhari 1
Former US Official Reveal How Obama Engineered Jonathan’s Removal

“He now says that he’s over that he’s not going to do that and he’ll behave himself but the question is do we take him at his word or not.

“More disturbing is the concept that Obama’s leading political operatives with his approval or without we don’t know went to Nigeria to help overturn the Christian government that was in charge there.

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“I personally find it impossible to believe that he would have done so without at least consulting with the president. This conforms to pattern that’s emerging that’s very disturbing. It’s now known that Obama’s aids participated aggressively in the campaign to defeat Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel that they funneled over 20 million dollars into the anti-Netanyahu campaign.

“Now this involvement in Nigeria.

“The Nigerian candidate was just elected president has had ties to Boko Haram the terrorist group in Nigeria.

“When I worked for President Clinton we worked aggressively to try to re-elect Boris Yeltsin and Russia but I think that was in the interests of the United States to stop the Communists in the fascists I’m taking over but this is one where I think clearly he’s going against the interests of the United States and in favor of putting a Sharia law a former dictator in charge of a largely Christian country for more than half a Christian country.”

Meanwhile, just recently, the embattled former Aviation Minister accused America’s President, Barrak Obama of supporting and assisting Buhari during the last presidential elections in Nigeria.