For Men: 6 Reasons Why You Need To Grow A Moustache


Body hairs, side beards and moustache often adds manliness to the physical attributes of every man, and also has a way of making him more attractive. A full grown man whose face is void of any form of hair, tends to look feminine and also younger than his actual age. However, moustache, which is the facial hair grown on the upper lip, when well groomed and trimmed adds a touch of uniqueness to a man. In the 19th and 20th centuries, moustache was very fashionable and a prestigious thing to keep. In 1904, a moustache spoon was manufactured and used in England to protect the moustache while eating soup.

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moustache spoon
Moustache spoon

Today, more men prefer less moustache and clean shave. Some even go the extent of persuading other guys from neither growing or keeping a moustache. This God-given facial beauty has been seen to be one of the best gifts to every man. Even science has confirmed that there are certain benefits associated with growing and keeping moustache or beard.

1. Reduces Wrinkles 

A moustache is natures natural UV Light shield. That’s right, recent studies published in the journal, Radiation Protection Dosimetry, have shown that beards and moustaches actually block UV Light exposure keeping wrinkles and sun damage at bay. Moustache protects that tender upper lip from sun burns, keeping it fresh at all times.

2. Prevents Cancer

Moustaches and beards have been documented to reduce exposure to the skin from dangerous levels of ultraviolet radiation, thereby significantly kicking out the chances of skin cancer, especially for men who spend most of the day hustling under the blazing sun.

3. Ladies Love It

When it’s full and manly ladies love it, when its scanty and well trimmed, they love it all the same. Ladies want to be with a guy who appear matured, responsible and who doesn’t have that boyish-hairless face. A humble moustache has been a symbol of manliness since the dawn of time, but when it’s the bushy Walrus style, women will take to their heels.

4. It’s Trendy

Moustaches are adored by the fashion world lately too, so much so that they’re appearing on rings, tattoos, and even prints. There was even a social trend called Movember, where men kept their moustache as a sign of their support to charity.


5. Makes You Hotter

Of all the requirements that determine a man’s sex appeal, one that stands out is his facial looks. In fact, in countless studies of the faces of men around the world, the ones rated the most attractive have always been those with the most symmetrical facial features.  If a man’s face is somewhat less symmetrical, a moustache or a beard can create the illusion of a more symmetrical face, as well as a more pronounced jaw which is also a major factor in sex appeal.

6. Reduces Infection

Ever thought of the high risk of contracting infections ( bumps and rash) just because of shaving? Well the cause of these irritations have been mostly attributed to the infections contracted from shaving blades which cut deep into our follicles. Ask all men with clean shaped moustaches and they will tell you keeping their magical moustache was all they ever needed to keep save from these abrasions.

7. Trust Booster

Tests in a world-wide marketing research reveals that men with well trimmed moustaches are considered to be much more trustworthy  in advertising campaigns compared to men without facial hair. Bearded men command more respect as well as appear more trustworthy in relationships and business among others.

8. Drives Insects Away

Maintaining a moustache has the potential of keeping insects away. A field test showed that men with facial hair are less likely to be bitten by insects, whereas men with a clean shave were prone to insect bites. With all the diseases that these pests can spread, it’s clear that keeping some well nurtured moustache or beard is a wise preventative measure than visiting a doctor every now and then illness caused by insect bite.

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