See This: Food Trucks Serve Fans At Ongoing Rio Olympics


Spectators and fans at the ongoing Rio Olympics have something other than sports to talk about. Seven food trucks are operating at the Olympic Tennis Centre.

More trucks are set to come to Barra Olympic Park in the coming days.

On a rainy Wednesday in Rio, food trucks proved very popular with spectators at the Olympic Tennis Centre.

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Spectators with tickets to the tennis games at Rio 2016 have been able to feast themselves on more than just high quality sport.

Since Monday (August 8), a whole fleet of food trucks has turned up at the venue to keep spectators content.

Food Trucks

This weekend, the trucks are expected to start operating at other venues in Rio.

This is a relatively new concept in Rio. The food trucks can be seen parked and operating at the Olympic Tennis Centre.

Food Trucks Serve Fans AT Rio 2016

On Wednesday (August 10), with all matches called off due to the rains, disappointed ticket holders were able to console themselves with food from the trucks.

On the menu were healthy options such as pasta, fruit salads, sushi and veggie burgers, or classic Brazilian meat.

There is also a truck which serves churros, sweet pastries that are hugely popular in Brazil and the Latin world.

Small snack bars and restaurants have been serving food in Barra Olympic Park since the beginning of the Games.

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The truck fleet has now increased the range of meal choices available to visitors.

An excited fan, Roemara, when asked about the food trucks and the options offered said:

“It’s great to have new options.

“There is more variety now and it also shortens the queues.”

Roemara, a mother of twins is on her third visit to the Olympic Park but was seeing the food trucks for the first time.

Food Trucks

The food trucks will remain in the tennis venue until Sunday (14 August) before moving on to other venues.

Other trucks will also arrive in the Olympic Park over the course of the Games.