Is Flavour Dating Chidinma? Singer Puts Rumor To Rest


The dating rumour about Kedike singer, Chidinma, and Ada Ada Crooner, Flavour, has been ongoing for a while now.

The two talented artistes have been seen together severally in compromising situations that suggests they are in a romantic relationship.

Chidinma has spoken about the matter before, although her conclusion was unclear.

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Finally, Flavour has come open to end the rumour. In an interview with Sound City TV, where Flavour talked about his recent album ‘Thankful, the ‘Golibe‘ singer said that Chidinma is just a friend of his, nothing more!

Flavour and Chidinma kissing in Ololufe Video

Despite the fact that they were seen kissing in a music video, “Olulufe” and even during stage performances, Flavour stands his grounds, saying their work and passion for music is what binds them together.

“Chidinma is just my friend. Our strong vibe comes from how deep we feel about music. Most times you do a video and you want it to look real. We are not the first people. Over there you see lap dances and others. Are you feeling it?

“It’s not about the kissing. People felt the song, they felt togetherness, they were swept away by our delivery, by our actions, by how we expressed and delivered the song. It was so original that’s why people were thinking there was something going on.

“For real, there’s nothing between us. We are just good friends and I respect her for that. We cool like that and she’s a nice person to work with.”

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Chidinma on the other hand, when asked by Ehis in an interview about having feelings for Flavour, didn’t give a stable answer – she kept saying Yes and No. Could it be that she is not sure what she feels, or she doesn’t know how to tell the father of two, who is not yet interested in getting married, that she loves him?

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