First Bank Customer Care Numbers, Email Address and Complaint Service

Most First Bank customers are not conversant with different channels of reaching the customer care unit of the bank. This overtime has resulted in delays in carrying out certain tasks. With proper knowledge of different First Bank customer care service channels, customers don’t need to crowd the banking hall. As the bank is known for prioritizing customer satisfaction, they have technically developed different mediums of customer-to-bank communication and complaint channels.

These channels for communicating with First Bank customer care service have gotten the public satisfied as they offer immediate solutions to complaints and inquiries.

Channels to Contact First Bank Customer Care

There are several means of reaching the customer care service unit of the bank. These channels are very easy to access and user-friendly. Well-informed customers don’t take the stress of visiting the banking hall for customer care-related services. They access this unit at their own convenient time. Below are some of the channels one can use to reach the customer care unit of First Bank:

  • WhatsApp
  • Phone call
  • Website
  • Email
  • Social media
  • Visiting the banking hall

What is First Bank WhatsApp Number?

The number to reach the first bank customer unit on WhatsApp is 08124444000. This is one of the frequently asked questions by First Bank customers. The reason is that WhatsApp communication has grown to a very large extent. As it is easy and user-friendly, customers wish to have a communication link to reach the bank through WhatsApp. Therefore, it is very interesting to know that First Bank has a number through which its customers can reach the bank.

To achieve this, the customer is expected to follow the steps below:

  • Save the First Bank Whatsapp number 08124444000 on their phone
  • Then log in to your WhatsApp
  • Move to find all contacts or the icon with the green symbol
  • Click on it and find what you used to save the First Bank number
  • Then start your complaint or conversation

What Is The First Bank Customer Care Line?

There are several phone numbers to contact the bank’s customer service unit. Below are some of the customer service phone numbers to contact First Bank:

  • For information on SME CONNECT. Customers are to contact First Bank through the following numbers +234708 062 5000 or +23419052326
  • Customers who want to make inquiries can contact FIRST CONTACT on the following phone numbers; 0708 062 5000, 01 4485500, 0700 34778 2668228
  • The standard customer care number for the First Bank of Nigeria includes +234 1448 5500, +234 1905 2326, and +234 708 062 5000. Note that the above numbers are available during working hours, from 7 am to 6 pm on Mondays to Fridays.

How To Contact First Bank Customer Care Through Their Website

The official website of First Bank of Nigeria can grant users access to the customer care service unit. But unfortunately, this is one channel neglected by many customers, not knowing they can get solutions through this medium. To gain access to the customer care through this channel, follow the brief steps provided:

  • Access the Firs Bank official website or click here
  • Scroll to the last part of the dashboard
  • Select the contact form from the contact us list
  • Provide the personal information demanded on the provided form
  • Then state your complaint or inquiry
  • The customer service unit will reply in a short time

How To Reach First Bank Customer Service Through Email

The email address of First Bank of Nigeria is made available in order to provide a customer with the bank communication link. In addition, the email address can be used to gain quick contact with the bank’s customer service department. The following are the email addresses of First Bank; [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected].

Email is one of the best means of relating your complaints to the bank. Note that First Bank will add more value to your complaint through the email channel if you use the mail used in opening your account.

How To Reach First Bank Customer Service Through Social Media

The bank’s customer service unit can also be reached through different social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. The following are the links that can be used to reach the bank’s customer service:

  • Instagram: Instagram@firstbanknigeria
  • Twitter: twitter@FirstBankngr
  • LinkedIn: first bank of Nigeria Ltd
  • Facebook: facebook@firstbankofnigeria

Since the social media platform is an open channel, the bank’s customer care representatives will ask some security questions. These security questions are to enable them to verify that you are the actual owner of the bank account. therefore it will be very important to know the answer to the following likely questions;

  • The phone number used to open the account
  • First bank branch where the account was opened
  • The account name
  • In some cases, the last three transactions were done with the account.

Reaching Out to Customer Care Representatives in The Banking Hall

This can be regarded as the last option for First Bank customers on certain requests that couldn’t be solved through other means. The bank’s customer care representatives are physically present in the banking hall to attend to customers’ needs. They are open to attending to customers’ needs from 8 am to 4 pm, Monday to Friday.

How To Use First Bank Customer Complaint Service

When you are dissatisfied with any product or service provided by First Bank, it is your right to lay a complaint, but it is very important to know how to make use of this complaint service. Some can be delivered online through the above-explained methods but we want to focus on the bank’s official customer complaint service. Below are the processes involved in using the First Bank customer complaint service:

  • Access the First Bank customer complaint services or click here
  • Log in to the website
  • Scroll down to lodging your complaint
  • Read through the provided information and click on ‘I accept’
  • Enter the information required and your necessary complaints
  • Send the complaint

How Effective is First Bank Customer Care Service?

First Bank general services are rated as one of the best banking services in Africa. This is not far from the exceptional services rendered by its customer care units. The bank invests a lot of funds in the proper training of its customer service unit on human management and professional ethics. As a result, the availability of the customer service representative in handling customers’ complaints is totally perfect. They value timely responses to customer complaints and are keen to ensure proper solutions.

Their services are virtually open round the clock while customer services representatives in the banking hall work from Mondays to Fridays during working hours. However, during the weekends and at night, other provided channels can provide customer care services. These channels are not restricted to weekends only but are 24/7 service-providing channels. We will extensively unfold them in this write-up, breaking down how they can be reached


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