Confirmed! Arrested Girl Suicide Bomber Not A Chibok Girl


The identity of the would-be suicide bomber girl arrested in Cameroon on Friday have been  finally revealed by the Cameroonian authorities. She is not one of the 219 Chibok schoolgirls. The Cameroonian authorities gave the names of the girl and an older accomplice to the Nigerian security agencies and a delegation in Yaounde. The name of the  self-confessed bomber was given as  Aissatou Musa and her accomplice Mamma Sali.

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According to report, the Cameroonian authorities communicated their findings to Nigerian security agencies and the delegation to Yaounde after debriefing and profiling of the two girls.

“Available information as regards the acclaimed Chibok girl indicated as follows: Aissatou Musa, who claimed to be one of the Chibok girls, is the daughter of Musa Bladi and Fanta(mother) of Mandara ethnic group.

“The second girl is Mamma Sali. She is the daughter of Sali Chetima and Hajiya Bintou of Kanuri tribe. Both hailed from Bama and speak in Mandara, Hausa and Kanuri. They have never been to Western school, except Koranic schools. They have no relationship with the 219 Chibok girls.”

“The girls have not been handed over to the Federal Government because the Cameroonian Government is still probing some clues on Boko Haram from them. You know, Northern Cameroon town have been attacked many times by Boko Haram since the insurgents were displaced from their bases and cells in the Francophone country.”

This has confirmed the Cameroonian authorities doubt whether the girl was actually among the kidnapped Chibok schoolgirls citing inconsistencies over her apparent age, as pictures of the girl earlier released indicated that the girl was likely a minor, between ages nine to twelve years, which does not tally with reports by the #BringBackOurGirls campaign group which stated that the youngest of those kidnapped in 2014 was 16 years old at the time.

The #BringBackOurGirls campaign group had on Saturday given the Federal Government 24 hours to unveil the true identity of the self-confessed bomber, arrested in northern Cameroon on Friday wearing 12-kilogramme (26-pound) explosives belts.

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