FG Takes Major Step That’ll Wipe Out Boko Haram, Militants And Biafrans


Different seditious groups in Nigeria have been using illegal radio broadcast to spread their propaganda and the government has decided to stop it.

In an attempt to counter the illegal radio broadcast by the rebellious groups including Boko Haram, Niger Delta Militants and Biafra agitators, the Federal Ministry of Communications on Wednesday disclosed plans to deploy all the four International Radio Monitoring Stations (IRMS) across the country.

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Minister of Communications, Adebayo Shittu, in a statement issued on Wednesday by his media aide, Victor Oluwadamilare, said the Federal Government was in the process of rehabilitating the moribund IRMS and would thereafter deploy them to counter any illegal radio broadcast or internet broadcast capable of undermining the country’s national security.

“In a move to counter seditious broadcast by rebellious groups, which is an anathema to national security, the Federal Government is set to rehabilitate all International Radio Monitoring Stations (IRMS) across the country”, said the statement.

radio station Illegal Radio Broadcast
FG To Crackdown Illegal Radio Broadcast

The statement explained that the IRMS facilities in the country were for security surveillance to monitor radio broadcast activities, stressing that the facilities were to guide against illegal use of the radio frequency airspace for unauthorised broadcast by proscribed groups, political and ethnic-motivated dissidents.

These facilities are located in Azare in Bauchi State, Gusau in Zamfara State, Ipaja in Lagos State and Ogoja in Cross River State. It further stated:

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“The Federal Ministry of Communications has adequately appropriated for rehabilitation works on the IRMS facilities across the country in the 2016 Federal Government budget and has consequently warned against any illegal occupation and acquisition of any fraction of land on which these infrastructures are located.

“Because of the strategic importance of these infrastructures, the general public is warned against purchase or acquisition of any part of the monitoring stations”.

The statement said the warning was against the backdrop of what the government considered as an unauthorised acquisition of part of the land on which the IRMS at Ipaja, Lagos was situated.