Guess Who Got Featured On CNN African Voices? Denrele Edun


CNN African Voices has featured one of Nigeria’s top media personality and controversial figure, Denrele Edun.

In the interview, Denrele talked about discovering himself and how his father allowed him express his personality even in the midst of the negativity around his family and society.

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Denrele also told CNN African Voices about his signature style, his love for Africa among other things. In his words, he cannot trade being African for anything else in the world.

“I would say I grew up in a totally negative society that gave me negative reception. I can remember days when I was at the University of Lagos, ‘cos I used to dress a certain kind of way and looked a certain kind of way, I think I didn’t go down well with the vicinity ‘cos my lecturers used to walk me out of class every day.

“This identity, this brand, this uniqueness was not borne out of wanting to be different or trying to sound different from the guy next door. I think it is an expression of my individuality and extension of my personality,” he added.

“I’d like to think that I’m some sort of globetrotter, jet setter, high roller, fashion killer, jaw dropper, headliner, ninja destroyer, chart topper, mix taper. I think I’m a multitasker if I can put it that way. And I am some sort of entertainment entrepreneur.

If nobody is going to sell your market for you, better do it yourself. Sing your praises yourself. My grandma would wake up in the morning and start crying and lamenting that her grandchild is running mad and might be admitted to the psychiatric hospital anytime soon,” Denrele said.

Denrele Edun

The 33-year old Gemini is rumoured to be gay, however, there has also been rumours about him getting married soon. Meanwhile, in November 2016, some wedding photos of him kissing a bride went viral . . . they were photos from a movie set.

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