Fayose Is An Embarrassment To The The Family…Too Vulgar For My Liking, Says Brother


Oluwasegun Fayose, the eldest brother of the Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, has expressed complete disapproval over the instruction issued by the Governor, directing farmers in the state to attack Fulani herdsmen.

As Fayose’s brother said, the governor’s directive did not depict him as a true leader.

Recall that Governor Fayose while on a visit to the families of the two persons who were killed by suspected Fulani herdsmen in Ekiti, addressed the gathered crowd made up of hunters and other community members thus:

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Fayose's Brother
Governor Ayodele Fayose’s Brother Says He Is An Embarrassment To Their Family.

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“…Anywhere you find a cow that is grazing unnecessarily on our ways, call my attention, we will take them out.  I am going to the house of assembly to criminalize grazing in wrong areas. You hide under grazing to kill people, you are operating in the night, where would you tell me someone grazing found AK47?

“Some people are behind them, using AK 47, you rape my wife, you rape my children, if they attempt it, bring them down! Terminate their lives! If they claim they want to sleep with your wives, they want to touch your children, bring them down! Bring them down!

“It is a war against Ekiti, it must be fought with the totality of our strength…” 

Speaking during an interviwe with The Nation in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, Fayose’s brother said some of his brother’s actions and statements were an embarrassment to their family. He emphasized that true leaders are not supposed to make comments that are capable of inciting the public or bringing their family’s name into disrepute. Hear him:

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“I totally disagree with him. I do not like what he is doing. He is dragging the family name in the mud. I read in national dailies that Ayo Fayose was inciting Ekiti people against herdsmen.

“I have never seen where a leader talks like this before. I spent most of my life in Europe. I left Nigeria in 1976. My children are still there. I want them to be able to come home. I do not want to be harassed. Let it be on record that I do not support this kind of aggressive method of governance. He is too vulgar for my liking”.

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