Farin Ruwa Waterfall – Tips, Reviews And All You Need To Know


On Saturday the 23rd of September I embarked on a trip headed to Farin Ruwa Falls with Naija Adventurers. We were about 50 strong from various nationalities, states, and occupation. Our 3 hours plus journey began form City Park, Abuja and it was nothing short of entertaining.

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They say there is a hidden message in every waterfall; if you are flexible, falling will not hurt you. The trip to Farin Ruwa Falls needed some flexibility; there were a number of falls, heavy rainfalls and a one hour plus hike.

Farin Ruwa Falls

Farin Ruwa

Farin Ruwa Falls is a waterfall in Wamba Local Government Area, Nasarawa State, Nigeria. It is among the highest waterfalls in the country, the height of the water drops extends as far as 150 meters from the top during its descent.

Farin Ruwa is a Hausa word which means “White Water”, it was discovered in 1950 by the then British colonial rulers of Nigeria. The falls was called white water by the inhabitants due to the white image it portrays from a distance.


Farin Ruwa

The rainy season in Nigeria could start from as early as March to November and so we were not left out on our fair share of the rain. The mountainous nature of the region surrounding the falls brought about heavy rainfall from clouds passing over the region, luckily it didn’t last for long.

During the rainy season, it is advisable to be cautious around the waterfall and its surroundings. Due to the rains, there is an increase in the volume of water from the falls.

It is a lot safer during the dry season as there is a drop in the volume of water from the falls. The dry season is usually from December to March. Immediately after the dry season, the falls recovers its water volume again as the rainy season kicks in.

Tourism Factor

Farin Ruwa

There is still very little done to promote tourism in the region, the road network to the falls is lacking and there are hardly any structures put in place to educate people about the falls.

Although Farin Ruwa falls is overwhelmingly beautiful and has the full potential to be a top destination spot, it has not been fully utilized.


Farin Ruwa

  • When going to the falls make sure you use a high vehicle (A Toyota Tundra did just fine during the trip).
  • Get ready to get wet.
  • For those who want to avoid the long walk, there are motorbikes available to take you straight to the Falls.
  • Don’t underestimate the current of the falls.
  • It gets very slippery during the rainy season.
  • Have some snacks or energy bars for the trip.
  • Carry water.
  • Hiking boots or shoes with a very good grip are advisable.


Here are some pictures and reviews from the Naija Adventurers team;

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