Fans Urge Kanye West To Contest For US President 2020 In Aftermath Of Trump’s Win


As Americans now believe anything is possible, thousands of celebrity fans took to Twitter to encourage famous music rapper, KANYE West to contest for next US president.

The rapper had earlier declared his intentions to contest for United Stae President in one of his audience packed concerts, but the idea of a rapper being president was not given a serious consideration until now.

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Democratic presidential candidate, Hilary Clinton’s loss left her supporters in shock as the Republican candidate, Donald Trump, was elected president in 2016 election on Tuesday, November 8.

Donald Trump’s Presidential Victory Speech.

Kanye2020 began trending on Twitter, with fans flooding social media urging West to come to the rescue. His fans believe that not even the new billionaire President [Donald Trump] is better in tune with the people of America, than the musician obsessed with creating and trying to speak through his art about what it means to be human.

They insisted that if a businessman who has never worked in any government office can become US president, then a music rapper stands a greater chance of also being elected. In the course of 24 hours since Trump was pronounced president, West had received thousands of tweets about his planned campaign.

One of them wrote: Remember when we laughed when Kanye West announced he was running for 2020 but now anything is clearly possible 

Another person wrote: @kanyewest,  I have faith in you. Please save America 2020.

This is probably attached to the fact that many celebrities including West, had shown their individual support for Secretary Clinton during what the country considered the most consequential election in the history.

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The famous rapper had previously performed at the Democratic National Convention, been invited to the White House by President Obama on several occasions, and recently posed for a selfie with Hillary Clinton.

I got my selfie!!! I really loved hearing her speak & hearing her goals for our country! #HillaryForPresident

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