Fani-Kayode: Darkness Pres. Buhari Brought Is Affecting Nigeria’s Glory


The former Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode has accused President Muhammadu Buhari of corruption and described him as “darkness that has covered the glory of Nigeria.”

In a social media rant, Fani-Kayode said that the darkness “empowers cruel men, heartless women, troubled souls and evil spirits,” adding that millions of dollars have gone missing from the times Mr. Buhari had been the country’s president.

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Using his Twitter page the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Chieftain said:

“Buhari’s darkness has covered the glory of Nigeria and that darkness empowers cruel men, heartless women, troubled souls and evil spirits.

“Never in our history has ANY govt official siphoned 26 BILLION USD through bogus oil contracts in less than one year. Buhari and Baru STINK!

“In 1977 $2.8 billion went missing under Buhari. In 1997 $500 million went missing under him. Today $26 billion has gone missing under him.

“So over the last 60 years $30 BILLION USD has gone missing under Buhari’s watch. He hits it every 20 years and that year always ends with 7.”

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Mr. Fani-Kayode had earlier profess his passion for politics in an interview with the Punch. Giving the credit to his late father, Chief Remilekun Adetokunboh Fani-Kayode whom he said groomed him for politics at a young age, adding that he will roll in it till he dies.

He said, “My father groomed and prepared me for politics. I knew from a very early age that I would end up in it. It was my destiny to do so and it is my calling. I love it and I will be in it till the day I die.”

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