Fraud Promoters: Falz The Bahd Guy And His 9ice Point


Famous Nigerian rapper Folarin Falana popularly known as Falz, has gotten himself enmeshed in a media controversy for speaking up against crime and fraudsters.

The ‘Bahd Guy’ has recently been trending on social media for urging his colleagues in the music industry to act as role models and stop glorifying internet scammers and fraudsters in their songs. In an interview with Hip Tv, the ‘Soft work’ crooner said:

“You are a role model to the younger ones and you are hailing fraudsters, you are making the younger ones feel it is good to do it. Stop it! It is destroying our future.”

Falz noted that the effects of such songs are destructive to the younger generation, stressing that rather, artistes should engage in singing meaningful songs. Watch the video below;

Though the rapper did not mention names in his comment, there have however been speculations that he was hinting at 9ice, judging by the content of his lyrics in his ‘Living things’ song.

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However, the Gongo Aso singer has replied the accusation, denying that his controversial ‘Living Things’ song promotes fraud. He said:

“It’s not about promoting fraud, so to speak. It’s about one who wakes up in the morning and needs to go and work and earn a living. It’s not negative, It’s positive. You just have to be in that realm to understand what the song is all about.”

Falz’ interview has sparked off different reactions online. Unofficial statistics reveal the rapper has been trending on Twitter Naija after his interview went viral. Read some tweets below:

“@dollycent wrote: “Y’all think Falz is an idiot cos he talks like one in his videos? Someone that was top of his class in Law school.

“@IsnNene wrote: One minute, we are abusing those trending free Evans, next minute we are insulting Falz for criticizing musicians hailing fraudsters.

“@UNCLE_AJALA wrote: I like 9ice so much, but what Falz said is absolutely right, you don’t glorify and praise fraudsters, that’s encouraging fraud and fraud is bad.

“@zzyzx91 wrote: If you don’t see anything wrong with praising Yahoo boys but find fault in Falz’s comment, aren’t you little like the free Evans people?

“@iSlimfit wrote: He made a very 9ice point.

‘@MsHenny wrote: Falz statement was right and that’s it. Don’t come and be defending nonsense or attacking him pls.

“@adedoyinbusola wrote: We need to learn how to prioritise in this country, short interview that Falz granted now is beginning to trend #smh#

“@KingSegun wrote: Falz should be making hits by now. If the global hip hop trend is not comfortable for him, he can go back to being a law practitioner.

“Please, don’t make 9ice the sole culprit here. He’s just the latest artiste with a banger off what the rapper was talking about.

“@IsimaOdeh wrote: Yahoo Boys taint Nigeria’s image, make it hard to attract investments and go overseas. Falz won a BET Award for NGR and you’re coming for him?

“@duchesskk wrote: I cannot believe that Falz is getting dragged for saying people should stop hailing fraudsters. Is everything okay in Nigeria?

“@EmmanuelIhim wrote: Falz isn’t coming for anyone. He made a valid point about how hailing thieves sets a wrong impression. But as usual, we kill the messenger.

“@AfricaFactsZone wrote: I guess u are tweeting about Falz cos’ he is trending now based on his critique of 9ice songs glorifying fraud…marketing strategy…lol.

“@naughtynatis wrote: Falz made a valid point but because we are Nigerians, we leave the major issues and pounce on trivial things.

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“@dee_em_stones wrote: So the Bahd guy wants to be one of the good guys now…”

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