Fake Life: Dammy Krane’s Credit Card Fraud Shows Loopholes In Celebrity Lifestyle


Singer Dammy Krane’s recent arrest over a credit card fraud has got Nigerians talking about the fake life adopted by some celebrities in order to remain famous.

It was reported over the weekend that Krane was arrested after he attempted to book a private jet with a stolen credit card. According to Head of Flight Safety and Security for Tapjets, Mr Konstantin, “he (Dammy Krane) uses Samsung Galaxy 7, and messages did not come from that phone.”

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Mr Konstantin said the same phone was used to place the online order with a credit card that does not belong to the singer.

“Same phone was used to register multiple accounts trying to buy with different cards until one finally worked. However, names did not match to zip codes etc,” he said.

The company also arrested a certain Chukwuebuka alongside Krane, who tried to book a flight with another stolen card. Hence, Konstantin confirmed that a total of five cards in an hour was used until one worked. We are 100 percent confident that our app was on that phone and order was placed via T-Mobile network from a cell tower located in Miami area,” he said.

In reaction to the news, the Economic and Financial Crime Commission, EFCC, took to its Twitter handle to send an advice to the general public to embrace their reality and shun fake life. Below is the caption:

This came shortly after Krane’s arrest and Nigerians believe the advice was channelled to the singer and many other celebrities using the social media as a means to promote a make-believe fabulous lifestyle.

Meanwhile, before his arrest, Krane had posted twelve images of himself living the luscious life inside the private jet he allegedly hired with the stolen credit card. Social media seems to have provided a means for people to display their daily lives – whether fake or real, either to gain popularity, for business, or just for show.

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How the Fake Life on Social Media Works

The social media has become another popularity and potential cash medium for celebrities – musicians, actors and celebrity wanna-bes alike, to promote their brands and attract thousands of followers. In order to do that, some people feel that fake life has to come in handy.

Living the fake life is quite easy and there are two major way it happens on the social media:

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Many people are easily dazzled by what they see, therefore when fancy watching the make believe fabulous lives of people they see on social media pose at beautiful locations, houses, in or near expensive rides etc. Celebrities have tapped into this opportunity to keep afloat in the world of fame and it’s working perfectly well for some including Dammy Krane who currently boasts of 457k followers.


We all are marveled when we see someone dressed up in outfits we perceive as expensive. Often times we see pictures of friends and favourite celebs taken in fashionable dresses with designer make-ups, jewelry, expensive hairdo or haircut.

Yeah! It’s all good for those who can actually afford it without breaking the banks. But for others who do it to impress us, what’s their deal?