FAKE DRUGS ALERT! Drugs “Manufactured” In 2016 Seen In Shops In 2015


In Nigeria, anything is possible. It is only in this country that this can be happening. How can a drug, yet to be manufactured be found in a pharmacy store? Are you wondering what am talking about?

A writer (anonymous) walked in to a pharmacy store in Lagos to buy an antibiotic drug. When he gets it, he (fortunately) looks for the expiry date, only to discover that the drug he is having in his hand is yet to be manufactured. How? The manufacture date reads “April 2016” which means next year while the expiry date is “March 2018.” Wonders will never end, I can almost here you say.

It brings to begin to wonder about the “What If’s?” What if the buyer did not check the dates and taken the drugs? What is our Drug law enforcement agency doing in the country? Is the fight against fake drugs still alive in this country? How can people be toyiong with people’s lives in this manner?

This is very sad. See picture below: