Facts To Know About The Tallest Woman In Nigeria Yvonne Rofem

Yvonne Rofem Hitarh, also known as Fleek Von, is an Economist, model, car vendor, aspiring Nollywood actress, and a 6.5 feet tall self-acclaimed Tallest Girl in Nigeria. Her height is weighed above the average height of Nigerian women that is reportedly about 5 ft 1.3 inches (156.4 cm). She rose to stardom due to her being active on social media. Nevertheless, it was her distinguishing height and other physical body features that brought attention to her. Yvonne’s height is also accompanied by a said weight of 100kg, which many people find amusing since she is not so fat. However, this is believed to be a result of her having a heavier bone compared to many. Another physical feature of Yvonne that does not seem very common is her feet that size a 46 sized shoe.

At What Age Did Yvonne Rofem Reach Her Current Height?

The Tallest Girl in Nigeria was born in Lagos in an undisclosed year. Since she has kept her childhood off the public’s eye, it is unknown how her height began and how fast it has come. However, research has proven that there’s a rapid growth in a child’s life at about the age of 8 when the child grows at an average of 2.16 inches. Later in life, the growth in height stops in most people at about 18 years of age. Not minding how the height came about in the life of Yvonne, the world started to see it through social media while she was a student at the Federal University of Technology, Akure, where she studied Economics.

At present, Yvonne claims to be the tallest girl in Nigeria at a 6.5 feet height. However, around 2016, a different woman believed to be about 7 feet tall from Kogi State was dubbed Nigeria’s tallest woman. It was claimed that her height was recognized by the State’s former governor, late Prince Audu Abubakar. In addition to the title of the tallest woman in Nigeria, another woman, a model whose identity remains under the wraps, was earlier reported to be the tallest model in Nigeria with an estimated height of 6 feet 10 inches tall.

Since these women do not have any official backing about their height except for pictures that rally around social media, it is difficult to say who truly is the genuine tallest woman in Nigeria. Nevertheless, many people have since accepted Yvonne, and she has been reported by many sources as the tallest woman in Nigeria.

She May Have Gotten Her Height From Her Father

Yvonne Rofem has not disclosed the identity of her father; hence, it is unknown if he’s of a similar height with her or even taller. However, research has shown that children tend to take the gene of height from their father while that of weight from the mother.

Generally, regarding her height and where she may have gotten it from, further research has suggested that DNA – about 700 different genes is the main factor that determines a person’s height. Hence, Yvonne may have taken the tall gene from her father. Nevertheless, it has also been proven that other environmental factors may be responsible for someone’s height. Some of these factors include medical conditions, nutrition, etc.

Her Mother Alice Enyi is Not As Tall As Yvonne Rofem

The tall girl also has a mother who is not as tall as she is but is of a good height above 5 feet. Her mother, Alice Enyi, is also known as @rofem_hanse on Instagram. She is a major part of the model’s life, and Yvonne celebrates her every now and then on social media. At a point, Yvonne Rofem celebrated her mother on father’s day. However, nothing much is known about her father, which has prompted fans to ask why she celebrates her mother on father’s day. For now, Yvonne hasn’t given an insight in that regard.

Yvonne’s Sister is a Content Creator And Also Tall

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Yvonne has a younger sister named Sandra. Although she is not as tall as Yvonne, she is also of a good height. On Instagram, she is known by her alias @the_kept_ones. Sandra is a mental health advocate, runs a Podcast, is a writer and spoken word poet.

How Height Made Yvonne Rofem Popular And Helped Her Career

Many people who have unique body features have at many times risen to prominence as a result. People with great height mostly end as models. Some of them include Russian model Ekaterina Lisina, Amazon Eve, and Karlie Klos, who all stand above 6 feet and are considered the tallest notable models. That being said, Yvonne Rofem, since she broke the internet with her stunning height, continues to enjoy the benefits that come with being tall and becoming a model.

The height has further helped her having more than 49 thousand followers on Instagram, where she is sort after. Her noticeable height has led several sources to claim that she could successfully have a career in the NBA or volleyball. But she has opted for a career in modeling, among other things, and seems to be thriving quite well.

Her Biggest Challenges As A Tall Woman

Since most things have their advantages and disadvantages, being a very tall girl also came with both sides for Yvonne. In an Instagram post, the self-acclaimed tallest girl in Nigeria mentioned being called intimidating because of her height since she was a little girl. This led to her choosing to hide her confidence many times since she wanted to feel less intimidating. As part of hiding her height, Yvonne had earlier chosen to share only portraits of her while excluding her lower part since it will reveal her real height.

Soon, however, the model learned to love herself with her unique body features, and instead of feeling intimated, she intends to use the same features to intimidate others. As a result of her self-acceptance, she has garnered fans and people who appreciate her height and celebrate her. She also wastes no effort and time when it comes to sharing images and videos of herself showing off her long legs in many ways that may seem daring.

Furthermore, Yvonne Rofem also has the challenge of having clothes to fit her stature. Because of this, many of her clothes and shoes are handmade.


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