Facts to Face: Here Are 10 Indisputable Demerits Of Being A Handsome Man

Over time, the matter of beauty and good looks have majorly been women’s palaver. But a recent discovery shows that men have got their own problems with this gift of nature. When I talk about being good-looking here, I mean real good looks. I’ll rather call it being beautiful.

Although good looks are generally treasured by everyone, it may not have crossed your mind that it as well attracts things that are so unpleasant that one may prefer not to have it. A lot of men are of the opinion that being handsome comes with more disadvantages than advantages. Let’s have a look at some of the costly prices men pay just for being “beautiful”.

1. Women Don’t Take Them Serious – Always Perceived as a Player/Flirt

Women would always assume you’re a player for no tangible reason. Just smile at a lady and she feels you are flirting. Just give another a helping hand and she assumes you are asking for sex. OK, love a lady genuinely, and she feels you just want to use and dump her! It can turn out to be really discomforting and disheartening in the sense that your well-meaning actions will always be negatively interpreted just because of your good looks.men

2. It Gives the Impression of Being a Weakling – Not Being Man Enough

Being a pretty guy is usually paralleled with being unman-like and weak especially when you do not have that conspicuous muscular physique. You may seem to appear girlish and this sometimes creates a gap in your man-to-man relationships. Some ladies will see you as a puppet or rather a baby to play with and not a real man to depend or lean on.

3. They Hardly Find True and Genuine Lovers

The danger here is that you attract more women who flock around you with reckless abandon and who have no genuine love for you. And with the quantity come a drop in quality. It becomes much more difficult when you want to choose a life partner. It’ll take extraordinary grace and carefulness to avoid making the wrong choice because you’ll have a lot of superficial women with no substance pretending to the core to be angels just to win you over for life. Ironically, the ones with substance are not fazed or impressed by your looks.

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4. They Are The Number One Targets for Sugar Mummies

Older women are fond of picking on handsome guys. They always find a way to make you uncomfortable in any gathering. They are annoyed that you failed to notice them and that they may not be able to have you. And so, they are left with no option than to draw attention to themselves and also show their grievances by poking at you. Some guys have confessed that the experience could be quite very unpleasant.

However, the daring ones, especially the rich lots will go down the way to see they get you into their pocket and unless you fight real hard, you can hardly escape their net.

5. They Inspire Jealousy on Every Hand

A very handsome man is always bombarded by jealousy all around. Your fellow men always feel you are intimidating them with your good looks. It gets worse if you ever give attention to any girl they failed to win over and actually gets worst if you end up dating the girl. They’ll just term it that you snatched their girl with your looks. If care is not taken, it may turn out to become a bloody experience, depending on the people involved.

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On the other hand, your wife or girlfriend will forever be jealous. She’ll hardly trust you even when you prove to be a faithful. Just a smile you give to any other lady becomes as great offense as when you took her to bed.

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6. They Are Easily Labeled Homosexuals

Gay guys think you’re a gay and always try talking to you. Reports have it that gay men stare at handsome men the way men stare at beautiful women. This is most experienced in European countries, especially in the UK and US.


7. They Are Usually Too Obsessed With Looks

It has been generally noticed that good-looking men spend a lot of time brushing up – dotting every ‘i’ and crossing every ‘t’ before going out. Since they already know that they are handsome, they go extra miles to maintain the looks in other to keep on impressing their admirers. It has been discovered that some of them get to the extreme of this obsession that they get afraid of growing old and losing their good looks. Some even get depressed and as a result, have self-esteem that is much lower than people can ever imagine for someone with such wonderful looks.


8. People Feel Intimidated Around Them

People around seem to tag every little thing you do as intimidation. This seems to grow worse when you are dealing with less endowed persons. You will be left with the task of making very conscious effort to be nice because a little nastiness is considered as bad as a murder. This happens mostly when you meet and talk with new people who know nothing of your real character. You’ll always perceive that unpleasant feeling of intimidation written all over their faces which I guess you may not feel comfortable with.

9. Unhealthy Popularity – Too many Temptations

Everyone gets interested in your affairs. They just want to know what’s trending in every area of your life. They are most interested in prying into your relationships to know the latest girl online. Besides that, your name becomes unnecessarily popular in the sense that every Dick and Harry wants to be associated with it even when they’ve got nothing positive or meaningful to contribute to your life. They blow your trumpet and exaggerate everything you do just for their own selfish interests and for your own ruin.

Another aspect of this is that you will be facing too many temptations. This is just because you’ll not have many problems getting any girl of your choice. Even without much money, hot ladies will always be at your beck and call.


10. They Are Always Expected to Get it Right – Seen as a Superstar

Handsome dudes are always perceived as heroes. The problem here is that in a group, you’re never expected to get it wrong or to fail. All eyes are always in your direction, to know your opinion and reaction to the least issues. You are always expected to be the first to stand up to the game and when you do the opposite of what’s expected, the disappointment is usually outrageous, unlike when it’s an ordinarily looking guy that’s involved.


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