As it is always said, leadership is not about titles, positions or flowcharts but about one’s life influencing another and Buhari is one of those great Nigerian born leaders whose life has influenced many Nigerians either positively or negatively. We all know that there are qualities that distinguish an individual as a leader, whether he has these qualities or not is not for us to say. However, he remains a “folk hero” to some for his vocal opposition to corruption. With the prying eyes of media always on him as he has gained for himself that special spotlight, we bring the present day generation some fascinating facts you may not really know about General Buhari.

Below Are Facts About Buhari You May Not Have Heard Before;

Buhari in Military


Major-General Buhari was born on the 17th of December 1942 in Katsina state, Nigeria.

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Early Politics:

Major-General Buhari had been Governor of one of the Northern states under Obasanjo’s Military Government as well as minister for petroleum before being the military head of state. He also ran unsuccessfully for the office of the President of Nigeria in the 2003, 2007 and 2011 elections. In 1983, Major-General Buhari and Major-General Tunde Idiagbon were selected to lead the country by middle and high-ranking military officers after a successful military coup d’etat that overthrew civilian President Shehu Shagari.

No Love For Particular People:

Buhari in multicultural Adress

There was no religious crisis during his time, however he was once quoted to have said “Muslims should vote Muslims” during one of his campaigns then in 1999. Though, in that statement he tried encouraging fair votes between Muslim brothers, but it actually came out wrong. More so, as a muslim he exempted Christians from performing duties on Sundays. When he was asked to exempt Muslims from duties on Friday, he replied saying the bible says Christians should rest on the 7th day, and asked Muslims to show him where the Koran says they should rest on Fridays.


Buhari fought against corruption relentlessly by initiating a campaign called  “war against indiscipline”. In addition to that, he sentenced all corrupt governors and ministers under Shagari’s government and sent them to jail without trial. This however affected even the innocent ones who found their names linked to corruption.The most significant part was that president Shagari himself and his vice Ekwueme Alex were even slammed with corruption charges.

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Buhari's daughter

Apart from marrying out his 1st daughter to an Igbo man from Anambra State which was exposed by former president of Nigeria Olusegun Obasanjo, he’s got one of the most beautiful daughters among other Nigerian presidents.


Many People do not know that Buhari while serving as chairman of PTF, refused collecting allowance giving an amazing reason that his inner mind couldn’t let him as he is already drawing pension from the government.

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