Facts About Jaiye Kuti’s Husband And Why Many Thought She Was Married to Pasuma

Marriages in the Nigerian entertainment industry, especially in the movie industry, have been seen as the major bad sides of the industry as many entertainers end up having broken marriages not long after their conjugal bliss. However, some entertainers don’t just have long-lasting marriages but also happy homes. One may want to say that the secret of a happy marriage as an entertainer could be keeping your marital life private, and that may be the story of Jaiye Kuti. Yet, she was rumored to have married and had children with a man whose only relationship with him is strictly professional.

Jaiye Kuti’s Husband is Mr. Lanre Kuti and not Pasuma

The actress, whose full name is Durojaiyeola Oluwakemi Kuti, is one of the famous ones in the entertainment industry, who has kept their marital life utmostly private, perhaps to shield it from paparazzi and gossip mill. She is happily married to Mr. Lanre Kuti, the CEO of C.Ray Company Limited. The actress confessed that she met her husband at a night vigil. At that point, she was still very much a committed Christian. Her Christianity as of then was the type that never wore trousers, earrings, and make-up.

Jaiye Kuti’s Husband, according to her, was the person that changed her. He made her understand that God is not as complex as we make him seem. However, there is no available information concerning this encounter with her husband, how long they dated, and when they wedded. However, the picture she posted on their wedding anniversary and a throwback picture from their wedding day, noted that they got married in 2000, meaning that they have been married for over 20 years.

Jaiye Kuti and Mr. Lanre Kuti
Jaiye Kuti and Mr. Lanre Kuti

Noting that love is not enough in a relationship between man and wife, the actress observed that understanding is also required, and her husband hasn’t been anything short of it. In her words, Mr. Kuti is understanding and supportive. Even when she has movie roles that would take her a long time to round up, her man will still support her. She mentioned a particular shooting that she was on for a month, a movie titled Borokini, her husband, whom she noted she had known for about 23 years, showed all the support he could.

Also, Jaiye Kuti mentioned that they have been married for over 20 years and are still going strong, and this is because her husband is not just her husband but also an understanding friend.

She Has Two Children with Mr. Lanre Kuti.

Jaiye and Lanre Kuti’s marriage was blessed with two children; a son and a daughter. As for information about their birth and their age, none is currently available to the public. Her daughter, whose name is Anatasia Kuti, is also in the spotlight like her mum. She is currently a brand ambassador for Dano milk, a farm-owned business run by Arla food based in Denmark.

As for Jaiye’s son, nothing is known of his age, school, or career choice. However, both Jaiye’s children are said to be musically inclined and enjoy music. They are also quite conversant with the keyboard. There is a rumor that she has a handsome-looking grandchild, but no one knows how true this is.

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A Look At Jaiye’s Alleged Marriage to Pasuma

A rumor circulated that Jaiye Kuti’s husband is the popular Fuji maestro, Wasiu Alabi, also known as Pasuma. The rumor began with a picture of the two stars dressed like husband and wife, which was soon all over the internet. It became major headlines in different sites as many news sites told different story versions of the assumed marriage. People who read these headlines also gave their own interpretation of it and carried the discussions home.

Facts About Jaiye Kuti’s Husband And Why Many Thought She Was Married to Pasuma
Jaiye and Pasuma

In her response to the rumor, the actress acknowledged that the story began with a movie role where she and Pasuma got married. She responded to this rumor in a youth empowerment virtual summit, where she shared how the pictures from the movie scene got into the internet, and how they became major headlines. However, she added that people chose not to read the full story to understand the news content, and that was how the story was rewritten/re-told.

Pasuma was Rumored to have Fathered Jaiye Kuti’s Children

In that same summit, the movie producer further debunked the rumor. She mentioned that other things had been said about her and Pasuma. One of such things is the rumor being peddled that Pasuma is the father of her two children.

In her reaction to it, the actress warned that persons who spread rumors about other people wouldn’t grow. Also, mentioning that she owes no one any form of explanation, she stated that rumors are part of what we live on and part of what makes us who we are; therefore, one must be strong to take it in.

A Sneak Peek into Jaiye Kuti’s Background and Career

Durojaiyeola Oluwakemi Kuti was born in Yewa South Local Government Area, Ilaro, Ogun State, in South Western Nigerian to Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Adisa Oluwale. She has grown to be one of the most famous Nollywood actresses featured in English and Yoruba Nollywood movies. After making her debut appearance in the movies in 2002 in a TV series titled Laff Patterns, she has made herself relevant in the industry by taking different roles and has grown her fanbase and audience.

The actress did not just limit herself to the movies; she is also a businesswoman, whose legs are into other different businesses. In addition to being a movie producer, she is the chief executive officer of Jaylex Aesthetic Production, an enterprise specializing mostly in films, videos, and television production.

She worked in that establishment before she found her calling as an actress. Jaiye Kuti stated that her initial plan was not to act as she was majorly more interested in movie production. However, she discovered that she couldn’t go into movie production without the right network of people; hence, she had to go into acting to get the valuable network.


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