Fun Facts About Girls


Think girls, talk girls, breathe girls, see girls! Girls make the world pinky interesting! think about it for a minute; music, fashion, poetry, love, romance etc derive inspiration from everyday attitude and life of women. Someone once told me that a beautiful girl is like a ray of sunshine or a breath of fresh air amidst men, which means that despite intricacies attached to girls, the world simply “can not” do without women’s colorful complexes. Girls make our lives bearable. Do you doubt me? Okay, read these facts about girls and find out why.

#1. Every girl has five Personalities  How she behaves at school or work; how she behaves at home with siblings and parents; How she behaves around friends; how she behaves around “him” and how she behave when she’s alone.

#2. Tomboy Girls are so Girly after all Don’t be astonished by this, They hang out with other girls who want to be their friends; they become shy and also fall in love with men. If you ask me, I’ll say they’re “late bloomers” who didn’t realize their beauty earlier and simply enjoy outfits that most of us would consider a little freaky.

#3. Three of every five girls don’t marry their first love Well, speak about the real world of traditions and norm. As easy as it is for girls to fall in love

#4. Girls can’t resist looking in the mirror every slightest chance they get and before going out. You probably have done this yourself, checking yourself out in a mirror at least once in a day is something women can’t resist. Or caught yourself starring at your reflection on the side mirror or door screen of a vehicle, not that there’s anything wrong with it.

 #5. A woman knows when there’s another woman lurking around her man  Generally women have sixth sense, If you’re up to no good, she knows it and will find out what it is. Man you better think twice before you harbor the harem thoughts because she’ll sniff it out before you even blink.

#6. Girls can feign the sweetest attitude to get a man Trust a girl to create some drama to get the attention she seeks, most times you can’t detect it, only her friends can tell when the drama begins.

#7. Every girl loves a surprise gift We all do! but women’s are exceptional. If you wish to see a star in her eyes or put a little smile on her face, present her with those things they can’t usually afford

#8. Never remark on a fault in any part of her body or appearance, it’s a huge turn off Everyone has some pint of inferiority complex for some reason known to you alone, so pointing it out is like a punch on the stomach. With all good intentions, if you must, do it politely.

#9. Girls can party and dance together at clubs No party without girls! Aha! if girls are not invited to a party, guy, what kind of party would that be. The reason you drop by a night club is not just to grab a drink, but to check the girls out. You enjoy girls when they dance with each other than when men dance together, yuck!

#10. Girls love to hear their names being called in a cute way Let’s assume you don’t want to use any of the other sweet names; sweet heart, princess, darling, pumpkin, or whatever, try forging her real name in a cute way

#11. Every girl knows the slightest act of seduction Oh yes women know it all very well, if she wants you, sweet heavens! she knows how to get you drooling.

#12. Girls have the widest imaginations It is said that fairy tales of love and romance are for girls only, well that is mostly the truth. They can concoct all sort of imaginations about love affairs, running away with prince charming, fashion, being a princess, dancing, even colours and flying; stuff boys would never dream of.

#13. A Girl In Love is a Generous Woman Maybe you haven’t thought about this, but when a woman is in love, she does everything for the man like a meekly lamb. It’s no wonder why they get their heart broken because they reverse the natural rule that allows the man to do most of the “impressing”.

  #14. When a girl gives up on you, well good luck If you break her heart and lose her trust in you, guy, you might as well kiss that relationship goodbye because nothing you do will ever get things back to normal, even if she stays with you, she will take a hike at the slightest chance.

#15. When girls hang out together, they are experts at warding off unwanted attention Guys please don’t interfere if you see a group of girls having a great time without a care in the world, unless you get the signal that they are out for “men hunt”.

#16. A girls tone of voice changes when she’s talking to a man  Most of you will agree with me on this one, her tone of voice becomes soft like that of an angel; that is, if you’ve ever heard an angel speak. But it works guys, doesn’t it?

#17. Every girl fantasize about Mr. Rogue You know the handsome, mysterious bloke in one of those fictitious movies and novels, well, that’s the guy am talking about. Oh yeah!

#18. Girls enjoy it when they are desired by lots of men Men! do they just love the attention! their self confidence and ego triples when more than one or two men gives them the stolen looks or compliments.

#19. Girls want lots of things from one guy  Not that men don’t like that “baby I need money to make my hair” part. It actually makes the man feel in charge, while it makes the girl feel the man is truly committed to the relationship.

#20. Girls can be very sensitive They care too much about every little things, I guess that has to do with the role they has to play; being multi-tasking and all. But that’s what makes their love strong.

#21. If a girl regards a man as “just a friend”  Most times if a woman regards a man as just a friend it means she’s not attracted to him or she feels the man haven’t shown any sign of commitment and women are expert detectives on that. Therefore, if you have made the necessary moves to get her affection and it’s not happening any time soon, then it time, try something else – keep your distance, because dude, you’re not her type of man.

#22. Hearsay can easily sway a girl’s initial thoughts about you  This also implies that women takes things literally, If there’s some hints about you – good or bad, their brains are all ready swimming in oceans of “maybes”.

#23. A girl’s ego is piqued if a man stood her up or make her wait for long on a date But that’s not all, they don’t like sharing this ordeal with their friends instead they sugar-coat everything during their numerous girly chats.

#24. Girls hate guys who talk too much  Humor and make her laugh, but don’t be lost into “yourself” as to forget to let her do most of the talking. Girls like a little mysteriousness in a guy, they really think it’s manly and sexy.

#25. Girls have the swiftest mood swing  This is the part most men dread so much, and can never figure out. Well guys, better give up on the confusion because you can never figure it out unless you ask.

#26. Girls have stern emotions  If a girl doesn’t love you or find you attractive, nothing you do will ever change that, therefore guys take note of this; don’t try to force a relationship with a girl who doesn’t have any passionate feelings for you.

#27. Silence is a girl’s loudest cry  When a girl starts to ignore you, it’s her way of showing you how hurt or angry she is with you, so it’s best you leave her alone because that’s what she wants at the moment.

#28. Every girl has her unique type of man, love, and story but they hardly know it until they experience it This is a known fact among girls, so guys it would be wise to help the woman you truly want, forge that uniqueness love story.

#29. Girls don’t always look their best It is also said that you only know a beautiful woman only in the early mornings when she just woke-up from sleep. This is the part where “women hardly decide on what to wear on many occasions”, fit in. So don’t be shocked out of your wit if you see her looking gorgeous and sexy today, the next day she’s dressed like an old lady. Girls appearance changes everyday.

#30. A Girl always wants to hear the word “I love you” from her man to feel secure Just say the word and mean it with all your heart and the look in your eye and tone of voice will tell her the truth.

#31 Every girl’s got attitude I think the word attitude exists strictly for women because they can’t resist any chance to display it – the good sassy girls or, the bad sassy type, which do you prefer?

#32. Girls loves shopping Not the usual hustle and bustle of purchasing food items, just vanity shopping; cosmetics, jewelry, fancy cloths, shoes, handbags; so long it’s not at their expense. So guys keep a rein on your wallet, but it’s okay if you’re a money mint.

#31. Girls are chatter box It’s no wonder why men think women are the brainless specie, but hey! It’s part of natures endorsement to women and nothing can change that. They like to gossip just about everything, so guys don’t even bother to find out what that is.

#32. The Silent Competition   Although this is common to all gender, women can compete over the silliest things just for the fun of it. And fashion takes the trophy.

#33. Girls who “just get on better with guys” are the real enemy  Girls like that are most likely prone to inferiority complex and jealousy. They see pretty girls as competition, so they hide in the facade of male friends.