This Facebook Post On The Mobbed 7-Year-Old Has Got People Talking


Few days ago, the news of the lynching and subsequent murder of a 7-year-old boy rocked the airwaves of Nigeria and reveberated all over the country. Everyone (except for the heartless animals who murdered him and the cowards who stood by and watched) seem to be reacting in a certain way, “How on earth could this happen in Nigeria?”

The social media has been awashed with all manner of stories with so many angles to it, there were so many Facebook post(s) to that effect, even though the government of the day has not commented on the incident (Does it concern them?). Many has blamed the situation in the country for the incident. others blamed the killers of the poor boy for not havin compassion on the lad.

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A renowned socio-economic and polictical analyst, Ugonna Emechebe took to his Facebook page to share his thoughts on the issue and it has gone viral. Read the Facebook post below and share with us what you think.

Mr. Ugonna said:

“He was not 7 years old, and he did not steal garri. He was probably closer to 20 years of age.

“But does that justify such a barbaric and diabolical act?

“Those slaves that killed that chap over phones or garri, or whatever else they killed him for, have possibly benefitted from the largesse from one big criminal somewhere that has misappropriated government funds and has engaged in stupendous levels of unbridled malfeasance.

“They might have stood in solidarity with one crook somewhere while chanting “I stand with XYZ” in a bid to get a piece of stomach infrastructure.

“Is it hunger that has so severely dented the human psyche and the ability of these creatures to reason? What causes this flagrant disregard for human life?

“Make no mistake that this is the result of a failed system. A system that encourages the most base of human inclinations to be the first option in any case.

“In the U.S today we see the closet racists and misogynists coming out of hiding as the cracks in the wall have been further widened and enough space has been made for them to crawl through after the most bitter round of political contests in recent history.


“It serves as a poignant reminder that several years ago in America human beings were being beaten to a stupor and either being hanged or burnt to death…all on account of the color of their skin.

“Some of the sentiment (or lack thereof) that caused such befuddling barbarity is still alive and well in a certain (however small) section of American society. The system is what keeps it caged.

“The level of corruption that takes place in Britain is mind blowing but it has been effectively regulated by a system. There is poverty and different levels of wickedness everywhere on this earth but there are structures set in motion in those places where those in leadership think; these structures appeal to the more noble instincts in human beings and de-emphasize anything that gives credence to a Hobbesian state of nature.

“The people in Europe are not by nature cleaner than those in the Third World, but you will be hard pressed to find anyone fling out a banana peel from a moving bus on the street of any European city. You will not easily find anyone peeing on the sidewalk in most streets in American cities.
This is not because they are better than any other human beings but because the system restricts certain types of behavior.

“If there are no incentives to do right people will do wrong.

“A few days ago a man was dragged out of a jail cell in a town in Bolivia and was lynched by a mob after being dragged on the streets. He was suspected to have raped and killed a 4-year-old girl.

“Maybe, like in Nigeria, the majority had no faith in the judicial process and so they opted to take justice into their hands.
Whatever the case is it is someone’s responsibility to ensure the right things are done. Power is given for this reason.

“This is the essence of power. Power is given for the dispensation of justice. If those people were convinced justice would be meted out they would not take it into their hands.

“A society where the Attorney-General of a state who is paid by taxpayers walks into a courtroom and asks that the murderers of a 73-year-old defenseless woman be let go as they have no case to answer.

“A society where a man is arrested for naming his dog when a foreigner goes to report to the Nigerian police and tells the policemen on duty that he wants to kill the Nigerian.

“We are waiting for the Shiites to take justice into their hands. We are waiting for those being killed in Southern Kaduna to take justice in their hands. We are waiting for those who should be protected and defended to take justice into their hands so we can start shouting again, right?

“I will say this again:- Any society that enables and encourages the basest inclinations of human beings to be the first option, in any case, is a sick society with a failed system.

“Those we call leaders must take responsibility for this sordid reality.”

What do you think about this Facebook post? Please leave your comments below…