Facebook Connector Finally Meets Facebook Founder, Mark Zuckerberg


Following the arrival of the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg in Lagos, self-acclaimed Nigerian Facebook Connector, Gaius Chibueze took a night bus from Abuja to Lagos to meet with the tech guru.

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When there is a will there is a way. Mr. Facebook Connector, whose goal is to meet with all of his 5,000 friends from the social app, has also thought out an app which he called ‘The Connector.’  His reason for meeting Mark Zuckerberg was to pitch his idea and see how they can collaborate in creating the app.

Meanwhile, fans of the young man rained criticisms on him for not posting pictures with Mr. Zuckerberg as proof of their meeting after Gaius Chibueze shared his experience on his Facebook wall.

Facebook Connector wrote:

“I wish to appreciate all who followed up and especially those eagerly expecting a picture of me and Zuckerberg. I arrived Lagos safely and saw Mark Zuckerberg live one on one. It was a great deal and there are no pictures of me and him because I thought it wise to use the 4 minute I had to make a convincing pitch about my project “The Connector World Tour For Charity” and my App “The Connector” other than using the 4 minute for a photo session with Mark Zuckerberg just to convince some group of persons.

“I came all night from Abuja to Lagos first to see Mark and secondly to attend the App developers session with him and also to pitch my idea. As you all know his coming and arrival to Lagos, Nigeria on Tuesday was unannounced. At first, it was unbelievable when I heard he’s in Lagos but after a thorough check, I believed and immediately, I left Abuja for Lagos that same Tuesday night.

“That was my first time to travel by road at Night. It was a sleepless night but there was a reality before me and that is “Meeting with Mark Zukerberg, the CEO of Facebook one on one to further the cause of the CONNECTOR WORLD TOUR FOR CHARITY.

“Lagos is a great city. On getting to the venue LANDMARK EVENT CENTER Lagos, registrations were done. It was indeed a great experience to see, listen and learn from Mark Zuckerberg’s innovative skills. Getting to him was almost futile because of the huge presence of his entourage (Foriegn and local ) It was an interesting and exclusive time out with Emeka, the Head of Facebook Africa who also had limited time but showed interest in my idea and gave me both his personal and official E-mail to further our discussion on my App which as far as Mark Zukerberg and his team is concerned is the first of its kind.

“He indeed loved “The Connector” saying it is a welcome development by the Facebook team worldwide promising to work hand in hand with Gaius Chibueze on the project. To everyone who has supported this project this far, am indeed grateful to you all. Facebook has no doubt made the world a global village for without this platform i wouldn’t have met you.”