EXPOSED! Nigerian Government Planned Attack On Radio Biafra Website


According to Biafra Writers, the Editorial Board of Radio Biafra has confirmed a planned attack by the Nigerian government on the station’s website. In 2015, the Nigeria government had spent a better part of its Ministry of Communication’s budget (NBC) in an operation to jam, crush and neutralize Radio Biafra, which they didn’t achieve by the end of the year.

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Still in a bid to jam Radio Biafra program last year, the Nigeria government bought over Satelink of Israel, the company carrying Radio Biafra short wave signals, and disrupted their signals from the satellite. The Nigerian government also removed Satelink satellite from the orbit, which is still missing till date, as a way to frustrate Chukwuokikeabhiama. Radio Biafra had to improvise by floating another short wave stations that broadcasted for three hours every day.

After not completely achieving the eradication of Radio Biafra in 2015, the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC), has allocated funds to finish the task in their 2016 budget. As reported by Ikechukwu  Nwaorisa, one of the Biafran writers, NBC met with the internet service providers and bribed them in order to pull Radio Biafra site down again, with the reason that the station is broadcasting “Hate Speeches.”

According to the writer, the God of the Biafras, Chukwuokikeabhiama, will continue to defend their course. Unfortunately, the internet service provider turned down the request of the Nigeria delegation, stating that their operations have a laid down guidelines and no ones tells them who to allow or not to allow online.

Another swift move was made by the Nigerian delegation to bribe a telecommunication company to help them hack into Radio Biafra website, but it was turned down also, and the telecom company alerted the Editorial Board of Radio Biafra and the Directorate of State of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB. The IPOB are saying if anything happens to Radio Biafra signals and websites, the world should be aware that the Nigerian government is behind it.

Here is an excerpt copy of the letter from the agents of Nigeria government to the Biafra Radio internet service providers:

“Logs or Evidence of Abuse: The owners/operators of this radio station have used it to promote ethnic hatred and violence in Nigeria. They continue to use it to set members of one ethnic group (Igbo) against their fellow Nigerians. The station is illegally operated by an unrecognised organisation which calls itself IPOD.

“For four days, violent protests have erupted across South East Nigeria because of the lies and hate speech broadcast through this radio station, this has led to the death of several people.

“The owners are bent on achieving anarchy in Nigeria and there is a potential that it would lead to the type of genocide and ethnic cleansing witnessed in Rwanda in 1994. The leader of this group is a manipulative criminal who uses religion to manipulate his gullible audience. Please shut down this website.”

Biafrans are aware that the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) leader, Nnamdi Kanu, who has been in detention since late last year, has handed the judgement script passed by President Buhari, over to  Justice John Tsoho to read. Biafrans are waiting for 9th of February, 2016, when they will resist the judgement on behalf of their leader. The leaders of IPOB urge members of the group across Nigeria to be on the alert.

IPOB is also reminding the United Nations that President Buhari and his government have concluded plans to classify “the rights of Indigenous people to self determination” as promulgated by the United Nations Charter on the rights of Indigenous Peoples as a Treasonable Felony.

If the United Nations should allow Nigeria to jail Nnamdi Kanu who is seeking the right of the Indigenous People of Biafra to self determination, then, the “UN charter on the rights of Indigenous people to self determination” would have been undermined. They also urged the United Nations to stop Nigeria government on its track now before the situation gets out of hand.

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