Exploring Ayra Starr and Rema’s Relationship

Singers Ayra Starr (Age: 22) and Rema (Age: 24) have a working relationship as artists signed to Mavins Records. They also have a close friendship that has been interpreted as a romantic affair since they share posts about each other on social media. 

The Bloody Samaritan and Dumebi singers may have prompted the likelihood of a love entanglement through different mediums such as interviews, images, and social media captions. However, Rema has since denied it. Here is an insight into their relationship, how it started, why people think that they are dating and other people they have dated.

Are Rema and Ayra Starr Dating?

The singers may not be a romantic couple but they share the same record label and may appear as a couple on social media. Their said relationship was sparked following an image of Ayra shared by Rema on his Insta-story.

When asked in an interview by Ebuka about what it meant since it was building speculations, Rema explained that they share a common label. However, the interview further sparked the rumor when he went further to speak about Starr. He called her the life of the party, an amazing, awesome, and talented person.

In addition to how the rumor juggled, the Cotonou-born Ayra Starr shared a part of the interview on Twitter where Rema talked about her. While people may have started to believe that the story of Ayra Starr and Rema’s relationship may not hold water, Rema reached his Insta-stories on Instagram to celebrate Ayra on his birthday on June 14, 2022. He added her image with the caption: “More life my luv” and accompanied it with the heart emoji.

What is Known About The Ayra Starr and Rema’s Relationship Rumor

Ayra Starr has not made any official statement about her relationship with Rema at the time of this writing. On the other hand, Rema has denied a romantic relationship and clings to what they share to be the same label, career, and casual but close friendship.

Regardless, they have both hinted at being in love. On July 1, 2022, Ayra shared that “No one told me being in love would taste like this” on Twitter. A few days later on July 5, 2022, Rema also posted “I’m dating” on Twitter.

Fans quickly suggested that they were referring to being in love with each other. Also, the time of the posting was significant as it is gathered that while Ayra made the post at 11:42 AM, Rema made his at 11:37 AM of the same day.

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Apart from the love life that it is believed the Mavin signees may have been believed to build over the course of time, they have also made music together. They were guest artists in the song Roadside (+234 Remix) by Mahalia.

Has Rema Dated Anyone Before? 

Ayra Starr and Rema
Tems (Image Source)

In an interview earlier in 2022, Rema had claimed that he was not dating and was not even trying. He further said that if he decided to have a relationship, he would keep it out of the spotlight because he has seen the negative effect the internet has had on some relationships.

However, his words have not really matched his posts on social media. He fueled another relationship rumor with the 29-year-old singer Tems when he changed his profile picture to hers on Twitter. Although he removed it after some days, a good number of people believe that it is either they may be having a romantic affair or Rema may be having a crush on the Free Mind singer.

In addition, he has also posted about her beauty and talent among other things. But then, the story seems to take another turn since Ayra, Tems, and Rema share a close friendship.

Is Ayra Starr Dating Wizkid or Anyone Else?

There is no knowledge of who Ayra is dating but there are suggestions that she may be hanging out with Wizkid. For all that is known, an internet video surfaced with the stars in a studio.

Although there are suggestions that they may be working on a project, fans on social media were quick to suggest that there could be a relationship or that Wizkid could be trying to take advantage of her.

Since both music acts have not given any insight, what is available is nothing but the opinion of people. But what is closer to what they have in common is sharing music. In the same light, it has been reported that Ayra and Naira Marley would feature on the More Love Less Ego album of Wizkid.

In conclusion, as regards Ayra Starr and Rema’s relationship, the artists could only be having a working relationship and friendship that the public may have tagged as romantic. This is not uncommon with fans as several celebrities have been reported to be in a romantic affair due to social media posts or their frequency of working together.


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