Experts Believe Donald Trump’s Economic Plan Will Benefit Nigeria


Many economic and security experts in Nigeria have shared an optimistic view that the newly elected US President, Donald Trump’s business ideas will influence Nigerian professionals in a positive way.

Speaking on the issue on Wednesday, a Security consultant based in Abidjan, Ibrahim Garba told newsmen via telephone conversation and he said Nigerians must quit the ever trending attitude of projecting the country and its citizens’ image in a bad light.

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Garba explained that Nigerians need to change their business orientation to reflect positive ideas in the new era, so as to attract the attention of a business mogul like Trump who would certainly jump at a good business relationship with Nigeria in the interest of both countries.

He argued that what is happening in America will affect Nigeria because things will be more competitive and according to him, Trump is a man who is knowledgeable about money and does not throw money around.

“For you to do any business in America you have to be serious. From a business perspective, if Nigerians know what they are bringing to the table and it’s of value, Donald Trump will approve it,” Garba said.

In his opinion concerning the US new president, Garba interjected that every country needs a strong economy, hence Trump proffers a solution for more growth to the country’s economy, which automatically affects the entire world.

“Trump has records of growth with his years of experience in business and  that can be applied to the nation’s economy. With this development I hope he has more to offer than we expect from him and also an opportunity for the Americans to see a different side.”

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The United States of America had just experienced a tremendous revolution in the history of their presidential election. Many are still in shock of how a business mogul and billionaire, Trump was able to win and take over the white house. But the already established fact is that the newly elected president is all out for the interests of Americans; to build the country’s economy while  relating with nations that support his ideas.