What to Expect from the Upcoming Apple Devices

This year has already been exciting for technology fans: Samsung has tried to erase last year’s exploding battery fiasco with its best handset yet, Samsung Galaxy S8. The year has only just begun, though, which means that we’re going to see many further innovative devices to be released soon enough. Among others, American tech giant Apple, the company that changed the way we look at portable phones, is expected to release several innovative products this year. While there’s no reason to hope that Apple launches latest iPod Touch in 2017, a new iPhone, and more amazing products will surely come to its fans.

iPhone 8 rumors

Last year’s iPhone 7 was a bit controversial, as the company gave up the headphone jack, offering users wireless earbuds instead. The AirBuds were a bit controversial, yet they settled in nicely. Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 isn’t expected to have a headphone jack either but it will come with specs worthy of attention.

Unfortunately, Apple hasn’t offered the world too much information about what its upcoming handset will hide under its hood, yet you can be sure it will be more than enough to run your favorite Vegas Palms games, and so much more. The games at Vegas Palms are already cross-platform, capable of running on nearly any device with an HTML5-capable web browser. Sure, according to the rumors circulating today online, the iPhone 8 will be more than enough not only to run all Vegas Palms games but any game that you can possibly download from the App Store.

According to what we think we know, the iPhone 8 is rumored to have a 5.8″ screen, a new generation of Apple’s in-house ARM-based System-on-a-Chip, an edge-to-edge display with an integrated fingerprint sensor and camera, and a lot more storage space in it to accommodate all apps, games, pictures, videos, and other information you might want to store in it.

Other product rumors

Apple is expected to update its iPad product line with its new processors. As announced this March, Apple will launch new iPad models this year. The new iPad to be added to the product line will be powered by Apple’s A9 SoC, and its iPad Air 2 will be upgraded to Apple’s A8X SoC, (the one that powers the iPhone 6). Apple’s Macbook line is also expected to be refreshed – the Macbook Air might get some new features, and the MacBook Pro might also see bumped specs but don’t expect too much change to occur until late in the year.

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On the software front, both iOS and Mac OS X are expected to get a new version this year. There is not much to know about them this time – we’ll have to wait and see the iOS 11 that usually rolls out early in the summer (June) and the Mac OS X 10.13 that rolls out in the fall.


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