Ex-Niger Delta Militants Threaten Buhari Over Nnamdi Kanu


Ex-Niger Delta militants, as an act of support for the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB), have issued a 31-day ultimatum to the Federal government for the release of Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the group and Director of Radio Biafra or face the aftermath.

The mouthpiece of the ex-militants, known as General Ben, notified security agencies against toying with the life of the detained Biafra activist. He further warned that as soon as the ultimatum comes to the end of the period of validity, they would return to the business of kidnapping foreigners firstly.

General Ben also fore-warned the Federal Government not to underestimate the extent to which the Niger Delta Militants can go once they start, stating that no amount of soldiers would be able to quench their fire.

In his anger he said;

The ex-militant leaders in Ebeocha are warning the Federal Government and are giving them 31 days to release Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of IPOB and Director of Radio Biafra. We are giving Federal Government a deadline and if they fail to release him, the country would be vandalised. He is fighting a just cause. Nothing should happen to him and Federal Government should not forget what we can do.”

The unspecified ex-militant group blamed the Federal Government for sidelining a part of the country calling attention to the fact that the presidency treats issues that concern the entire geo-political zones unfairly and with bias.

Reacting to the current encroachment into the homes of their associates by security officials, Ben dismissed it as an action merely designed to browbeat them.

“Federal Government wants to use that way to harm us. But we are warning that the (FG) should not forget our capabilities. They think we can be intimidated by that approach. No way!

“Federal Government should know that the detention of Nnamdi Kanu and raid of the residences of our colleagues are enough reasons to collapse the society.

“It is sad. We are not happy because things are not working the right way in the country. We are marginalised and hunted. We are saying enough is enough’. We are no longer interested in this country again,” he  noted with a tone of finality.

Meanwhile, Senator Chris Ngige, the Minister for Labour and Employment, on the occasion of his father’s burial in Alor, Anambra state, insisted that there was absolutely nothing like Biafra and also confirmed to newsmen that the reason for the constant agitation by different groups in the country is discontent as established by the ex-militant spokesperson.

According to the Minster;

“In Yoruba land, they say they are OPC, Oodua Peoples Congress; in the Niger Delta, they say they are militants; in the northern part of Nigeria, especially the northwest and northeast, they say they are Boko Haram. They are against western education. They say that it is from western education that they learn how to steal money.

“So, it is discontent. The people who say they are doing Biafra agitation are the same thing and they will be handled the same way others have been handled. Dialogue!” he quickly added.

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