Ex Governor Sule Lamido Reveals That APC Is Spliting Nigeria Along Ethnic Lines


Former Jigawa State governor Sule Lamido just revealed that its not only the government of Peoples Democratic People, PDP, that has caused division in the country. He stated that the ruling APC government is deeply dividing Nigeria along ethnic and political lines.

He revealed this during an interview session with Leadership Newspaper in Kano shortly after he was an award of excellent service in Kano. Lamido  railed against the desperation among the spokespersons of governments who do not honestly tell the electorates the government’s shortcomings and dividends of democracy.

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According to him:

“I may sound a little different of what is today Nigeria. Because in today Nigeria, everything is politics and there are very strong divides.

“One is either here or there and even those who are arbiters or referees or monitors if they stand on their own belief, they will be accused by both sides. We are going through a very difficult political evolution with so many distortions and the 1999 Constitution is compounding Nigeria’s problem”.

“If one goes through the social media before the 2015 election, everything evil was PDP, that PDP was Boko Haram, PDP was fuel shortage, PDP was poverty, PDP was agony, PDP was fake and was dividing Nigeria, PDP was looting Nigeria, infact, everything evil was PDP.”

He further stated that, “Everything PDP in the past is now with the present APC. PDP was throwing bombs, bombs are being thrown now, PDP was fuel shortage, there is fuel shortage now, PDP was killing Muslims, Muslims are being killed now, PDP was causing poverty and hunger, it is the same thing with the APC today. PDP was promoting ethnic politics, it is the same thing now with the APC.”

APC however countered the ex governor’s comment saying that the governor is only in a quest to become important with his comment. According to APC, PDP has failed and deceived the country for so long with rise in umemployment, corruption, poverty, impunity, which changed the minds of Nigerians to try a new party with the change slogan.

In the words of the Secretary, Elders Committee of the Kano APC, Alhaji Saleh Jili, who was also contacted “Lamido’s comment should be ignored on the grounds that he is seeking relevance, having lost out in the present political dispensation.

He said additionally that the PDP has failed Nigerians in many respects, having enthroned poverty, unemployment, impunity and corruption , saying that the development prompted Nigerians to vote the party out of power.