Evil Spirits Not Perculiar To Aso Villa, They Are Everywhere – Aso Villa Chaplain


The Chaplain of Aso Villa Chapel, Seyi Malomo, has reacted to recent media reports alleging Aso Villa is infested with evil spirits and demons.

Rather than refute or confirm report as truth, Malomo, during a sermon in Abuja on Sunday said evil spirits are everywhere, and urged his listeners to pray for God’s righteousness to take over the land.

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“Evil spirit is everywhere. Even the street you live, don’t you have witches and wizards there?

“I am not saying there are no evil spirits. I am also not saying there are. I don’t know what people believe. For me, I believe it is only righteousness that exalts a nation.”

Speaking in an exclusive chat with Premium Times, shortly after delivering a sermon, the chaplain urged citizens to pray for Nigeria and its leaders, particularly President Muhammadu Buhari, his family and all those working in the presidential villa, for God to cleanse the Nigerian seat of government of all alleged demonic influences.

“All we need to do as Nigerians is to pray that wherever evil exists, God should make His righteousness take over.

“As Nigerians, our responsibility is to continue to pray for the president and his cabinet, and every part of the country, particularly the Villa, for righteousness to take over.”

Evil spirits are not peculiar to Aso Villa

The tales of evil spirit at the Presidential Villa, have been making waves in the media following an article in Guardian by Dr. Reuben Abati, a former aide president Goodluck Jonathan, saying he is totally convinced Aso Rock  is full of evil spirits following series of evil occurrences ranging from fire outbreaks, sicknesses to deaths which have become common in Aso Villa.

Dr. Abati also said he believed the spiritual forces are responsible for Nigerian presidents bad performances in office thus, advising the government to abandon the Villa and turn it into a spiritual museum.

Mr. Fani-Kayode had also made a similar allegation, claiming a lot of very strange things happened there when he worked at the villa as the spokesperson to ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo.

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He listed some of the strange things he noted happened during his work as the spokesman to former president Obasanjo as the death of Mr. Obasanjo’s assistants, Tunji Oseni and Remi Oyo, who he said contracted terrible terminal illnesses whilst in office and died few years after leaving office.