Everything to Know About Dakore Akande and Her Marriage to Olumide

Born on October 14, 1978, Dakore Akande is a many-sided Nigerian entertainer best known as a multi-award-winning actress, singer, poet, TV personality, and brand ambassador. Although she started making waves as Dakore Egbuson, she later adopted Akande after marrying business mogul Olumide Akande between 2010 and 2011. In her marriage that has lasted over a decade, she has two daughters.

Dakore hit the spotlight for featuring in more than a few Nigerian movies since her debut in 1999 at the age of 21. At present, she has played roles in several movies, including blockbusters like Journey to Self (2013), Isoken (2017), Chief Daddy (2018), and The Set Up (2019), to mention a few. As an actress, she became the Africa Movie Academy Award winner in the category of Best Actress in a Leading Role in 2018.

As a musician, upon her quitting acting around 2008/2009, she relocated to London, where she became a singer and started performing in many clubs that include the renowned Royal Festival Club, London. However, there is currently a pause in the singing career of Dakore as she focuses more on acting, her marriage, and the raising of her children.

Dakore Is Married to an Entrepreneur and an Aviation Expert 

Four years after they first met and started dating, Dakore married Olumide Akande, a businessman, an aviation expert, and a budding investor. Although many sources reported their wedding date to be on January 17, 2011, it is suggested by others to be in 2010 since the couple celebrated their 10th anniversary in 2020.

Many of Nigeria’s politicians, entrepreneurs, celebrities, and other renowned people attended the glamourous wedding of the actress and her business tycoon husband in Lagos. Although Olumide is a successful man in his career, he is a private man who came to the limelight due to his marriage to Dakore and for being the son of a billionaire man.

In their individual careers, Dakore and Olumide excel quite well. Even though it is unknown how much exactly Olumide earns or how much net worth the businessman has amassed, Dakore may earn up to 1 million Naira or more per movie. Her net worth is also estimated at NGN310 million. She earned her wealth from being a performing artist, multi-brand ambassador for MTN Nigeria, SBC Nigeria, and NBL Amstel Malta.

Her Husband is The Son of a Billionaire and Former Presidential Aspirant

Dakore Akande
Late Chief Harry Akande (Image Source)

Olumide is the son of late Chief Harry Akande – a billionaire businessman and one of the wealthiest Nigerian men who also contested to be President in 2007. Chief Akande earned about $533 million monthly revenue. He was the founder of NAFTEC, Akande  International Corporation, and Engineering and Energy Production Nigeria Limited (EPD), to mention a few.

Rumors have it that Chief Akande played a vital role in the wedding of his son. According to the hearsay, he never wanted his son to marry Dakore because of her acting career. However, when Olumide stood his ground, an ultimatum was given to the actress to quit her acting career before welcoming her into their family. Even though she did leave acting, Dakore explained that her leaving acting at a point didn’t have anything to do with Chief Akande or Olumide. Besides, she returned to showbiz after a few years.

They were Rumored to be Getting a Divorce in 2020

Many celebrity marriages crash for several reasons. However, others have been able to sustain theirs. Dakore is one of the celebrities whose marriage has lasted for over a decade. But in recent times, news began to spread that the couple has come face to face with challenges of marriage that may have resulted in a divorce. Several blogs claim the marriage crashed because Olumide couldn’t afford the same luxury as he did while courting and at the earliest stage of their marriage.

Others reported that their divorce resulted from the pressure from Olumide’s family on Dakore to have a male child. Further rumors claimed the actress began to have issues with her marriage when she posted a picture of her in a bikini on Instagram. One reason that may have brought about the rumor is that Dakore rarely plasters the pictures of her husband on her social media platforms, as done by many celebrities.

The Rumors were Led to Rest When They Celebrated Their 10th Marriage Anniversary

While the rumors were making waves, the couple denied the claim. However, they wowed their fans as they celebrated their 10th anniversary in January 2020. In an Instagram post, Olumide said he was happy to announce that his marriage has lasted 10 years. He further set the record straight that his marriage with Dakore was not 9 years or 11 as of 2020, as claimed by many blogs.

In her reply only a few days after the rumor made its way to many pages, Dakore also celebrated their 10th anniversary with a video of her family with a caption calling her husband her best support system. As regards the sustenance of their marriage, Dakore opined that even though there may be glitches in their marriage, like many others, she and her husband make a deliberate effort to make it work.

She added that prayer is the major workforce of their union, and they make it a habit to pray together as a couple no matter how busy their schedules are. The actress further stated that problems often get into their marriage when they relent in their prayer lives as a family.

Dakore and Olumide Akande Have Two Adorable Children

Shortly after they became married, Dakore and Olumide welcomed their first child, a daughter, in 2011. In 2012, the actress returned to her acting career after 5 years of her absence. In 2014, she gave birth to their second and last child, a daughter named Dasola Zahra. Nevertheless, Dakore prefers that other details about her children remain private.

With Dakore, childbirth did not come so easy as she suffered postnatal depression after the birth of her first daughter. This was believed to be due to childbirth and her absence from the thing she loved to do – acting! With help and therapy, she became well and returned to her acting career, featuring in films like Isoken and Castle & Castle series, among others.

Dakore and Olumide currently raise their two daughters together, even with their busy schedules. The couple often go on vacation with their children and sometimes shares their family moments on social media. Their daughters seem to be in love with music and are pretty good at it. In an Instagram post, Dakore featured her 2 daughters in a karaoke song, among many other posts.


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