Simple Designs On Everyday Tools Actually Made For A Purpose


Ever noticed things in everyday tools that we clearly thought were just plain designs or useless?  These simple designs were actually made for a purpose and we would be pointing out a few of these designs and their uses.

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The Little Hole In A Pen Cap

Everyday Tools

As a child I used my cover with holes as a kind of whistle, it was as I grew older I began to realize that this hole had a function. The function of the hole in a pen cap is to allow air flow into the pen when it’s closed.

Digging deep on the function of this hole, I also found out that it is meant to prevent death if accidentally swallowed. If swallowed, the hole can help the person breathe until the cap can be surgically removed.

The Little Hole At The Side Of A Pen

Everyday Tools

Growing up as kids, most of us used to see the little hole on the side of a pen as a design; even now we still do. The truth is that little hole regularly ignored is actually meant to allow air pressure into the pen to make the pen write smoothly.

Without the hole, the pen would be airtight and as you write and use the ink, the pressure will prevent the ink from flowing down making the pen to stop working.

Indents At The Bottom Of Wine Bottles

Everyday Tools

This gap or what looks like a dimple at the bottom of a bottle is called a “punt” and it help prevent the bottle from breaking while opening. The punt also helps keep the wine sparkling in storage; if these dents are not there the wine bottle can explode during storage, in transit or while opening.

Blue Side Of An Eraser

Everyday Tools

Back then in school, we were told that the blue side of an eraser was used for erasing pen ink, and in the process, most of us messed up our books trying it out (obviously it didn’t work). This is because it is used for erasing pencils written on hard surfaces while the other part (white or red) is used for erasing pencil on soft surfaces.

The Little Hole In A Padlock

Everyday Tools

You will notice there is usually a little hole at the bottom of padlocks. The use of this hole is to help drain water that enters the padlock as a result of rain, flood, among other related instances that can happen. It can also be used to grease your padlock in case it gets rusty and gets stuck and you need to add a little lubrication.

The Big Bump At The End Of A Laptop Cable

Everyday Tools

The big thing at the end of your phone cable or laptop cable is known as ferrite beads and it’s there to prevent interference in the cable.

The Design Of A Bobby Pin

Everyday Tools

The opposite side of a bobby pin that looks crinkle was made to be on your scalp’s side to have a better grip and hold your hair properly for a longer period.

Hole In The Handle Of A Cooking Pot

Everyday Tools

The hole usually found on the handle of a cooking pot was created to help rest your cooking spoon and it’s not just there for design or to help rest your hand.

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