12 Everyday Foods You’ve Been Eating/Handling Wrong


Some of our everyday foods may have left us struggling to get the best out of them. Unknown to us however, there are easier, more efficient and creative delivery systems for polishing off your cuisine.

Big mistakes and disasters have probably occurred while trying to understand how to reap the biggest benefits from all our Kitchen hard work, which sometimes prevents you from extracting the most vitamins and minerals from the foods you eat.

These revealing tips can make your life easier and help you handle everyday foods to avoid the embarrassment of eating them wrongly;


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To avoid a messy cupcake that covers the tip of your nose in icing; cut a cupcake in half width ways, then turn the top piece over and sandwich the icing between the two sponge pieces.


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Apple cores are a myth and an entire apple can be eaten and enjoyed whole if you start from the bottom. It’s therefore fine to eat an apple core – all you need to spit out are the seeds.


While most vegetables are best eaten raw, studies show that when carrots are cooked, their levels of beta carotene increases.

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Beta carotene is a carotenoid that the body converts to vitamin A. It’s essential for the function of many systems in the body, from normal iron metabolism to vision, skin glow and immunity.

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Ice cream

If you are serving ice-cream at a party, especially one that comes solid straight out of a freezer, simply remove the ice-cream tub from the freezer and place it under hot water for 15 to 30 seconds.

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Then invert the container on a plate and cut the ice cream with a knife as you would do bread. Alternatively, you can place the scooper in hot water for a minute then use it to cut through the ice cream with ease.


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If you’ve been peeling your banana from the stem down, you’re doing it wrong. Bananas should be peeled from the bottom, not the top, just like monkeys do.

Gently squeeze the opposite end to the stem and the fruit comes out while the skin will stay in one piece because the stem holds it together.

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Don’t ever cut pasta with a knife, instead do as the Italians do, by using a fork against the bottom of a plate to wind spaghetti up.

Fries and Ketchup

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To avoid suffering from sticky fingers, take the fries to the ketchup, not the ketchup to the fries – ketchup sachets are essentially a tiny bowl to dip fries into.


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Avocadoes when sliced open lengthways and de-stoned, the fruit becomes two bowls from which the flesh can be eaten with a spoon.


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The rough nature of ginger makes it a little difficult to peel using a knife, making you lose a lot of the ginger. An easier way to prevent this waste is by scraping the skin off using the back of a teaspoon.

Plum Tomatoes

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Cutting plum tomatoes individually can be time-consuming. So all you need do is put the tomatoes on a plate, place another plate the same size on top and press gently but firmly down. Then, using a sharp knife, slice through the tomatoes between the plates.


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It’s regarded as bad table manners to use a fork to unsteadily shovel peas into one’s mouth. Instead, spear the peas with the fork’s prongs and eat less at a time. It’s also acceptable to balance the peas on top of another food on your fork.

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everyday foods eaten wrongly
Avoid wet fingers by sticking a fork in the filling and using it as a handle in which to dip your Oreos into a glass of milk.