9Mobile (Etisalat) Data Plan, Bundle, How to Check Data Balance, Customer Care

9Mobile, previously known as Etisalat, is one of the telecom companies we have in Nigeria. Apart from voice calls and SMS, the company also provides data for both heavy and light data consumers.

In recent times, especially with the rise of the social media, data has become an essential part of existence and as such, these telecommunication companies have positioned themselves to reap bountifully from that vast market.

The 9moblie data plan may not be the cheapest in the country (when you consider what the Grandmasters of data are offering) but they have packages that will suit the consumption plan of all and sundry. All one has to do is to find a data bundle that suits their need and go for it.

They have a user-friendly template and their download speed, plus network coverage is perfect and appreciable, especially for this climes.

With as low as N1,000, you can get 1GB data on the Etisalat data plan (9mobile) to browse, chat, and watch videos for one whole month.

This article seeks to bring to your notice, the recently improved data packages by 9mobile for your Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows-enabled phones and laptop, etc. You will also find the price and activation codes for each of the packages listed below.


9Mobile (Etisalat) Internet Settings

9Mobile (Etisalat) Daily and Weekly Internet Bundles

9Mobile (Etisalat) Data Plan – Monthly Bundles

9Mobile Evenings And Weekends Bundle

Other Etisalat (9Mobile) Data Bundles

Etisalat (9Mobile) Smart Paks – Best For Light Users

Final Words

9Mobile (Etisalat) Internet Settings

Etisalat Data Plan

If you don’t have the 9Mobile internet settings on your phone, you can perform any of the following:

To Get Settings Through SMS

To get these Internet configuration settings pushed to your phone, open your SMS menu, type ‘Settings’ (without the quotes) and send it to 790.

Once you receive the settings (it usually arrives with an SMS notification), open the message, save, select Activate All and you are free to roll.


To Configure Yourself

The automatic setting may not work on your device, due to some peculiarities. But no worries, you can configure your device by yourself. Just follow the instructions below:

Go to Settings >> Wireless and Networks >> Mobile Networks >>GSM/UMTS Options >> Access point Names. On getting here, click Options and select Add New APN, then fill the parameters as shown below:

Profile/Access Point Name – 9mobile

Username/Login – (Leave empty)

Password – (Leave empty)

Account name – 9mobile internet

IP/Proxy –

Homepage – http://mobile.9mobile.com.ng

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9Mobile (Etisalat) Daily and Weekly Internet Bundles

Bundles Activation Code Price (₦) Validity
10MB *229*3*8# 50 24 hours
50MB *229*3*1# 100 24 hours
*1GB (Night only) *229*3*11# 200 24 hours
150MB *229*2*10# 200 7 days

* Night only bundle: Usage is 12 am to 5 am.

9Mobile (Etisalat) Data Plan – Monthly Bundles

Bundles Activation Code Price (₦) Validity
 500MB *229*2*12#  500 30 days
 1GB *229*2*7# 1,000 30 days
2.5GB *229*2*8# 2,000 30 days
4GB *229*2*35# 3,000 30 days
5.5GB *229*2*36# 4,000 30 days
11.5GB *229*2*5# 8,000 30 days
15GB *229*4*1# 10,000 30 days
27.5GB *229*4*3# 18,000 30 days
100GB *229*4*5# 84,992 30 days
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Etisalat Data Plan – 9Mobile Evenings And Weekends Bundle

Bundles Activation Code Price (₦) Validity
 Weekend 1GB Plan *5995*2# 500 Weekend
  Evening & Weekend 2GB Plan  *229*3*12# 1,000 30 days
 Evening & Weekend 5GB plan *229*3*13# 2,000 30 days

*Evening usage is from 7 pm to 7 am
*Weekend Plans to be used from Friday 11:59 pm to Sunday 11:59 pm.

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Other 9Mobile Data Bundles

Quarterly Plan (3 months) – 30GB

Price: ₦27,500

Activation code: *229*5*1#

Bi-annual Plan (4 months) – 60GB

Price: ₦55,000

Activation code: *229*5*2#

Annual Plan (I year) – 120GB

Price: ₦110,000

Activation code: *229*5*3#

Etisalat Data Plan

9Mobile (Etisalat) Smart Paks – Best For Light Users

As has been said before, 9Mobile is user (and pocket) friendly. So, in case your data needs are not heavy and you are looking for an affordable package that won’t bore a hole in your pockets? They’ve got you covered.

Etisalat (9Mobile) Smartpaks is exactly what you need. It offers a great data package for light internet users. The Smartpaks comes in Chat Pak, Social-Me Pak and Video Pak.

To subscribe to the Smartpak options below, Simply dial *200# and select the 3rd option.

9Mobile (Etisalat) Chat Pak

The Chat Pak offers you access to all social chat apps such as; WeChat, Facebook Messenger, BBM and WhatsApp.

₦50 daily; Access code: *343*5*5#

₦150 weekly; Access code: *343*5*6#

₦400 monthly; Access code: *343*5*7#

9Mobile (Etisalat) Social-Me Pak

The Social-Me Pak offers unlimited access to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Eskimi, plus all the social chat app available in the Chat Pak package.

₦100 daily; Acces code: *343*6*7#

₦300 weekly; Access code: *343*6*8#

₦700 monthly; Access code: *343*6*9#

 9Mobile (Etisalat) Video Pak

The Video Pak gives users nonstop streaming for hours on any video streaming platform at all.

Price: ₦400 (for 2 hours unlimited).

Access code: *229*3*5#

Etisalat Data Plan

9Mobile Special Smart Paks

9Mobile also offers users two all week long special smart paks for social media chat apps.

Usage: This can be used for WhatsApp, BBM, Facebook Messenger and Wechat.

Price: ₦500 for 1.5GB

Access code: *343*5*10#

Usage: WhatsApp, BBM, Facebook Messenger, Wechat, Facebook, Kakao Talk, Twitter, Eskimi and Instagram.

Price: ₦700 for 2GB data allowance

Access code: *343*6*12#

Final Words On 9Mobile Data Plan…

One thing you should note about subscribing to any 9Mobile bundle is that, when you activate any plan, it is set to AUTO-RENEWAL by default, which means as soon as your validity expires, it automatically renews the bundle for you (This will only happen if you have the equivalent amount in your account balance).

To stop the auto-renewal function, dial *229*0#.

You can check your data balance on the 9Mobile network by dialling *228#.

Rollover applies when you re-purchase the same (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or annual) bundle.

To deactivate any plan on the 9Mobile network, just dial *229*0#.


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