EPL Preview: Chelsea To Beat Man City As Man Utd, Arsenal, Liverpool Walk Slippery Grounds


⁠⁠⁠The premiership is back, two days after week 30. We can’t have enough. Last week EPL Preview, we got five results correctly including two perfect scorelines: Watford 1-0 Sunderland and Arsenal 2-2 Manchester City happened exactly the way we saw it.

No, we didn’t foresee Chelsea eating that humble pie at home to relegation-haunted Crystal Palace. The match hashtag #CHECRY has proven to be a prophecy for the second season running. And Chelsea cried.

What can we expect in the midweek? Rather, what form of drama do we expect? No one knows.One thing is granted, there will be drama. In abundance.

EPL Preview: Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Burnley V Stoke, 7.45pm

Burnley sterling home record got spurred by Tottenham, as expected. They have the chance to repair the dent three days later against a Stoke City looking to prevent their third successive defeat. This match might get decided by who needs it most. Stoke are ninth, almost safe and playing decently; Burnley are fifteenth, fighting relegation and misfiring.

Expect a tight fight here. A win for Sean Dyche is a need, but football isn’t that fair. They would draw.

Final score: 1-1 #BURSTK

Leicester V Sunderland, 7.45pm

The buds of summer are falling on King Power Stadium. The modern bard of Avon is in charge. On the opposing side, Moyes’ tamed Black Cats are in subzero winter. They won’t get anything from this one. They will try but they would be foxed.

Final score: 1-0 #LEISUN

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Watford V West Brom, 7.45pm

Watford 1-0 win last week is rewarded with another home match. West Brom got four points from their last two matches against Arsenal and Manchester United, a feat implausible half a decade ago. Times have changed and West Brom ride in the speedboat of good fortune.

There were three barren draws last week. If we expect one this week, this match has the most likely hood to offer it.

Final score: 0-0 #WATWBA

Manchester United V Everton, 8.00pm

Old Trafford is a neutral ground parading as Man United home ground. They have drawn eight matches at Old Trafford. Against teams they should be spanking, Hull, Stoke, Burnley, Bournemouth, West Brom, etc, squandering 2000 shots. 2000 is a little hyperbole but even Opta can’t compute the shots so squandered, so far.

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If Manchester United had won all the drawn matches they would be tied at the top of the table with Chelsea plus two outstanding matches. Rather, they are on 53 points, 10 points behind Van Gaal the season he was sacked. No one considers Mourinho’s failing despite spending nearly 200 million pounds in his rebuilding efforts.

Perception is everything.

Everton come to Manchester having equalled their longest matches (13) without a win against local rivals Liverpool. But they have beaten their hosts more recently. They would try to win this. United’s top four aspirations is heading towards Golgotha. But they have the Europa League pathway to Champions League to console them. They can afford to lose points against Everton. They might. Ibrahimovic’s return notwithstanding.

Final score: 1-1 #MUNEVE

EPL Preview: April 5, 2017

Hull City V Middlesbrough, 7.45pm

Hull City are fighting relegation with the tenacity of a cornered wildcat. A hard fought victory over West Ham on Saturday should up their confidence a nudge. The hope to escape relegation remains bleak for both teams, It is looking more and more like Middlesbrough will go down.

A rare away point in Wales should have been complimented with a home fixture. It isn’t and Boro have to dig deep to get something from this. They might fall short.

Final score: 1-0 #HULMID

Southampton V Crystal Palace, 7.45pm

Crystal Palace are smoking with confidence, their sword still crimson with the blood from Stamford Bridge. Unfortunately, this match won’t be played in West London. It is in Saint Mary’s Stadium and the two main sinners the Saints should look out for are Zaha and Benteke.

Gabbiadini has lowered his machine gun, probably to adjust his socks. Crystal Palace should keep more than an eye on him. This match would end in a draw. A goalless draw is in the kitty. But we’ll be more positive and go for a score draw.

Final score: 1-1 #SOUCRY

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Arsenal V West Ham, 7.45pm

A London derby is the last thing Arsenal would want after Man City on Sunday. But it is at home and they can expect to win it. Four points in last six matches mean Arsenal have exhausted their error bandwidth. Anything short of three points will relaunch their crisis which seemed to have been alleviated with the tentative victory over City.

West Ham United will look to spoil Arsenal’s recovery. They lost 5-1 at home in the first leg. They should be vengeful. They got four points of the Gunners last season. If Arsenal prevents them from scoring first then West Ham are on course to settle for zero this season.

Final score: 2-1 #ARSWHU

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Swansea V Tottenham, 7.45pm

Tottenham are fighting for the title. Tottenham are really fighting for the title. Leicester did it last season. Can Spurs win their first title since the Stone Age? They won’t.

But at this rate, they will finish above Arsenal for the first time since before half their first eleven were born. That in itself is a title. Somewhat.

Swansea lost a golden opportunity to take maximum points against bottom rivals Boro. Can they make it up against Spurs? It looks unattainable. But it is not impossible.

If we have learned any lessons from Chelsea on Saturday, it is not to place too much strength on paper. Football is a field sport. If Swansea scores first they can get something from this one. If their back of the net shakes first, a loss is given. A draw is our final prediction, betting on it is your call.

Final score: 1-1 #SWATOT


Chelsea V Manchester City, 8.00pm

A battered Chelsea will look to put their April Fool prank behind against City who have drawn their last three games. Chelsea are not running away with the title, afterward. But they remain huge favourites but if they lose this one, the title race will be blown wide open.

Conte is expected to patch Chelsea up. He has proven with Arsenal and Tottenham defeats, that losing a match propels his ship rather than slow it. From her, Chelsea can see the shore. Beating Man City will more than.

Man City are ripe for a win. Talk of top four will be replaced with an eye for the title should they win this. They won’t. Chelsea will be too tough; a draw would taste like a victory for Pep’s men.

Final score: 2-1 #CHELIV

Liverpool V Bournemouth, 8.00pm

Klopp is top of the Kop, they sing. Many people are not yet convinced, yours sincerely included. He welcomes Bournemouth, a team that defeated Liverpool in the reverse fixture/fiction. Thunderbolt, they say, does not strike the same spot twice. A winning is beyond the reach of Bournemouth, on paper.

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Liverpool can smell top four success. They have played more matches compared with their adversaries. They need to rack in the points and maintain a gap their rivals are expected to bridge in their makeup matches.

But Liverpool will not win all their matches. With Mane missing, they are open for a slip. If anyone can make them slip, it is Eddie Howe.

Final score: 1-1 #LIVBOU

Note: All times in the EPL Preview are in Nigerian Time (BST)