Nollywood Actress Says Her Relationship is No Man’s Business


Bold and beautiful Nollywood actress, Eniola Badmus, has opened up on her take on celebrities and their relationships going public.

In an interview by Encomium Magazine, which was published on June 1, 2016, Eniola Badmus, said the harm caused by the press and social media has encouraged her to keep mum about her love life.

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Eniola said that she does not like the idea of talking about her relationship as it is no man’s business. According to Eniola Bamus, talking about her career is more profitable than about her man. She is of the view that taking personal issues to the press and social media will not make such relationship last long.

Eniola Badmus
With regards to her body shape and how she handles social media rants,  the Yoruba actress commented that she will rather not respond to opinions made online about her by fans no matter how hurting they may be. According to her, fans are generally not loyal to any particular celebrity. They can make or break any public figure.

“Nigerians in the disapora do not really have loyal fans. My fans are other celebrities’ fans. We don’t have fans that wouldn’t move out from you. So, I don’t reply them.

“I am a comic person. I don’t reply them. Nothing gets to me. There are some comments that get to me but I don’t reply. I am not about that. They are the same set of people that will praise me tomorrow. It is better to ignore such comments.”

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Arguably, Eniola Badmus is one of the few actresses in the industry whose got such a body size. She has grown her career to a point where brands see her worthy of an endorsement, and according to an assumption that Empire TV series could have a Nigerian version, Eniola has an automatic role in the movie, courtesy of her unique stature.