This English Word Has over 80 Synonyms, Check Them Out


Wondering what word in the English dictionary has over a hundred synonyms? You use it every day, or should I say ‘do it every day.

“Talk, talk, talk” – that’s the word. Just like there are many ways to talk, there are also so many ways to say the word, without sounding repetitive.

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The various synonyms of the word are relative to different forms of use, and may not function properly if used wrongly. Let’s quickly jump into the long lists of other English words that you can alternate with the word ‘talk,’ and their direct meaning.

1. Ad-lib: an impromptu release of words, especially in music.

2. Argue: express opposite views, typically in a heated or angry way.

3. Babble: to talk in an enthusiastic and excessive manner.

4. Back-talk: a disrespectful response.

5. Banter: a connotation of good-natured teasing or arguing; to engage in such talk.

6. Bandinage: a humorous or witty conversation.

7. Barb: a hurtful and/or critical comment.

8. Beg: ask someone earnestly for something.

9. Blarney: nonsensical talk.

10. Bluster: boastful or threatening talk.

11. Brag: to say something in a boastful manner.

12. Cackle: see chatter (verb only).

13. Cajole: to persuade with flattering remarks.

14. Chat: an idle conversation; to engage in such talk.

15. Chatter: quick, extensive, and/or aimless talk.

16. Causerie: see chat (noun only).

17. Chinwag: informal talking.

18. Chitchat: see badinage.

19. Circumlocution: evasive or verbose talk.

20. Comment: an opinion or observation; to say something of this type.


21. Confab: to engage in informal private conversation.

22. Confer: to exchange opinions or seek advice.

23. Confess: to admit to an action considered improper or shameful.

24. Conversation: a talk between or among two or more people.

25. Converse: to speak back and forth with one or more people.

26. Crack: to quickly say something, like a joke.

27. Debate: a formal or informal contest of argumentation between two teams or individuals.

28. Dig: see crack.

29. Dialogue: to take part in a discussion to resolve a problem.

30. Discuss: to engage in serious talk.

31. Dish: see gossip.

32. Double-talk: confusing, ambiguous or partially meaningless speech.

33. Exchange words: when two people say harsh words to each other.

34. Fast-talk: to persuade or influence by deceptively authoritative and/or flattering speech.

35. Flibbertigibbet: see gossip.

36. Gab: see chatter.

37. Gabfest: talking consisting of gab.

38. Gibber: to say meaningless or unintelligible things.

39. Girl-talk: gossip between female.

40. Give-and-take: an exchange of ideas or comments.