Broda Shaggi Net Worth and How He Makes His Money

Broda Shaggi is a famous Nigerian comedian, actor, songwriter, and musician with a net worth currently estimated at $200,000.

Regardless of what his mainstream character recommends, Samuel Perry, otherwise called Broda Shaggi, is a man living his life to the fullest, having lived in Lekki for a greater part of his life.

Broda Shaggi’s career as a comic character was constantly intended to be. Born to parents who taught drama in schools, he has always been interested in acting and, most especially, in comedy content. Even though he put in a couple of years working with no acknowledgment, he is presently a very famous character, bringing in cash through the impact and adaptability he employs with every online post.

How Broda Shaggi’s Net Worth Come About

Limitations on open data and the Nigerian online media comedy industry’s developing status make it difficult for us to come to a conclusive agreement on how much entertainers like Broda Shaggi makes from his various career endeavors, but following the estimated sum of $200,000 presented by most online media outlets as Broda Shaggi’s net worth, there is no doubt that comedy skits have made Broda Shaggi a rich man and one of the most loved and most influential among this generation of Nigerian comics online.

We also realize that he brings in his cash from different sources, including featuring in Nollywood movies, as a singer, and by representing various brands. Simply put, Broda Shaggi is a mainstream Nigerian comedian, entertainer, scriptwriter, actor, and visual craftsman. Here is a breakdown of how much Brooda Shaggi makes from his various career endeavors

His Social Media Comedy Skits

Broda Shaggi’s journey into becoming an internet sensation began at a young age. Still, he officially took off his professional career in 2018 when he shared his parody drama “Jesu in Mushin” on his Instagram page. The skit was received with much appreciation, and it was what brought him to stardom. His rise to fame may be too quick and sudden to many who had little or no idea about his personality, but to his friends and fans back in his school years, it was a dream that was bound to come true. Broda Shaggi is an alumnus of the University of Lagos, where he bagged a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Arts.

Broda Sgaggi’s video came through because of his choice to make comedy a serious business while still in college. He started making theatre and film appearances, playing the roles of Inspector Perry and Akonni Ibadan. In the long run, he discovered his famed character, Broda Shaggi. Following the much fame he received through his comedy skit, Broda Shaggi created his YouTube channel in March 2018, and he named it “Official Broda Shaggi.”

The channel currently has over a million subscribers and has recorded over 129.7 million views. From his YouTube channel alone, the young multi-talent is said to be earning roughly $5,000 monthly. He could also be making close to that amount from his widely followed Instagram page, which currently boasts over 8.4 million followers. In his videos, Brother Shaggi is always seen playing a tout (agbero) who believes he is street smart but always gets in trouble.

He has collaborated with other comic acts such as Mr. Macaroni, Mr. Funny, Bae U, Nedu, Edgar Eriakha, Frush, and some other top entertainers such as Don Jazzy, Nengi, and Funke AkindeleWhen he started creating comic content, Broda Shaggi charged N300,000 for each sponsored short comedy video. However, with his massive followers across all social media platforms, it is not unusual to believe that he now charges higher than he did when he started.

His Acting Career Also Contributes to His Net Worth

Broda Shaggi has always wanted to venture into acting and is currently living the dream. As an entertainer, he began performing at a young age. He began his acting career while still an undergraduate at UNILAG. His roles at the time were mostly in small Nollywood movies and theatre. However, since his rise to fame, he has leveraged his fame to star in some of the industry’s blockbuster movies, including the highly-rated action-comedy movie Fate of Alakada. The exact amount he earns from the movies he has featured in is presently unknown, but he makes a decent amount for movie appearances.

Below are some of the movies he has starred in:

  • Ghetto Bred (2018)
  • Aiyetoro Town (2019)
  • Fate of Alakada: The Party Planner (2020)
  • Namaste Wahala (2020)
  • Dwindle (2021)
  • Ponzi (2021)
  • Day of Destiny (2021)

Broda Shaggi Also Makes Money Through Endorsement Deals

Broda Shaggi’s net worth receives a good boost from a great deal of income he makes from sponsored skits paid for by brands. His fame has helped him secure endorsement deals from top brands within and outside the country. Hence, he is assumed to be pocketing his cool millions as they come in yearly or based on the clause of the contract signed.

Some of the brands Broda Shaggi represents are:

  • FairMoney 
  • RevolutionPlus Property 
  • Glo NG 
  • Ogelle
  • TradeFada 
  • Trophy Lager Nigeria
  • Predator Energy Drink
  • Fressia Soap
  • Merrybet Gold Limited 
  • Shalina Healthcare

Broda Shaggi is Also a Musician

It is safe to say that Broda Shaggi is a man filled with endless talents. In addition to being an actor and a comedian, he is also a singer/songwriter. His music interests presently haven’t seemed to have turned into a critical pay source. In any case, it has brought about the arrival of an EP, Fine Boy Agbero Volume 1, which he released on June 19, 2020. The EP consists of 5 songs: Asiko, Ibadi, Fo, Okoto, and Gbedu.

Summary of Broda Shaggi’s Income Sources

  • Comedy Skits
  • Acting
  • Endorsement Deals
  • Music Career

Broda Shaggi’s Parents are Drama Teachers

Broda Shaggi was born on July 6, 1993, in Lagos State as Samuel Animashaun Perry. His parents are drama teachers. Although his mother’s identity is unknown, Broda Shaggi revealed that his mother was a drama teacher, and his father also taught at Mayflower Junior High School as a drama teacher.

It is not revealed if Broda Shaggi has siblings, as many details about his childhood years are still unknown. But one certain thing is that he was born and brought up in Lagos, regarded as the “Center of Excellence.” His parent’s line of work played a huge role in creating a career path for Broda Shaggi. His dad kicked the bucket while Shaggi was still a young boy and his mother never got remarried.

His father’s death dealt a huge blow to his family as his mother struggled to make ends meet. But after managing to round up his secondary school education, he got admitted into UNILAG, where he read Creative Arts for four years. It was there that he discovered that he could monetize his passion for acting and comedy content creation.

His Quest to Make Money Led Him Into Comedy

Broda Shaggi is among the very few individuals who successfully thrive in the entertainment industry. His ability to do anything that has to do with entertainment earns him the reputation as one of the most successful entertainers in the industry. Samuel was never raised with a silver spoon, but the number of years he spent with his father had helped him solidify an enduring enthusiasm for entertainment. While his character drew chuckles from loved ones, he didn’t view acting or his comic nature in a serious way until he was in UNILAG.

Even as a Visual Arts student, he still got the chance to be part of many theater plays at school. He also starred in a couple of Yoruba films, though in minor roles. None of his roles was sufficient to give him the recognition he desired from the media. After he graduated from UNILAG, he moved back in with his mother but soon relocated to Lagos Island in search of jobs that could help him earn a living and possibly take care of his mother.

Though he acts like a street urchin from the notorious Lagos mainland neighborhood of Mushin, Samuel has never lived there. He was living in the up-market Lekki when the character of Broda Shaggi was conceived. The entertainer got his chance to move to the top through hard work and consistency, but he also admits that “hunger” helped him find his talent.

How Broda Shaggi Came About His famous Alias 

Before creating the famous alias he is known for today, he tried out several other comic characters such as Inspector Perry, Akanni Ibadan, and Professor Dele. Nonetheless, on an irregular visit to the automobile repair shop in December 2017, he met a few people interacting in a language and style common to Lagos agbero. How the guys at the repair shop spoke made a passer-by who overheard their conversation burst out in laughter, not by what they said by how they spoke.

That gesture immediately prompted Broda Shaggi, who was just an observer at that moment, to realize he could imitate the same style of talking and build up a comic character from it. He considered various names for his new character, including Musiliu and Shaggi Don Baba. At last, he came up with Broda Shaggi, a choice that eventually brought his family’s monetary battles to an abrupt end. It has equally earned him international fame and a reason to keep smiling to the bank.


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