End The Argument! Here Are 10 Indisputable Reasons Lagos Is Better Than Abuja


From time immemorial, lots of Nigerians have continued the seemingly endless debate over the subject of Lagos being better than Abuja, and vice versa. Whenever this topic is raised, opinions keep tossing in like grenades from both sides. On most of these occasions, we land into very hot and inconclusive arguments about the two cities.

Meanwhile, it remains an indisputable fact that Abuja and Lagos are renowned and great cities in the country. Abuja, the capital of Nigeria has become a much promoted city, majorly known for its serenity and well planned nature, while Lagos on its part is just a mixture of the good, bad and ugly of our great country, Nigeria. However, we have attempted a closer look at the two cities, and have come up with about 10 clear reasons why Lagos should be chosen above Abuja. Read on to discover these facts…and let your eyes be opened!

1. Very Affordable

Have you ever asked yourself why most people prefer settling down in Lagos instead of Abuja, even though it is better developed and prettier? The reason is not far-fetched! Lagos is a city that is very affordable to live in no matter your social status. It has become the home of everyone which means that you can comfortably live in Lagos with any amount you earn. But if you dare barge into Abuja without a well-defined purpose of visitation, standby accommodation, means of sustainability and mobility and…all you could think of to keep your head intact on your neck, O’ boy, you are doomed!

2. Entertainment Hot spot – Home Base of Nollywood

It is only in Lagos that you see the highest number of celebrities and entertainers living in Nigeria. The city is vibrant with lots of social functions happening almost every day. Indeed, there is no dull moment in Lagos because it is a city where talents are born and grown. Lagos has earned its name not only as the music and movies birthplace, but where entertainment is done better than anywhere in Nigeria.


3. Rent is no Big Deal

If you come to settle down newly in Lagos, accommodation will not be a big problem for you as it is in some other big cities in Nigeria. Yes, we know that the holy grail of Lagos expensive urban real estate is out there but the fact remains that be it home, shop, market stall, or whatever rent you are looking for, you’ll always get one that will suits your class, purpose and pocket. If your pocket is well loaded and you’ve got some swag, Oh! you’re in the right place because you’ll see enough of the billion, billion rent. If on the other hand you are still searching for your star with less than nothing at hand, “ma broda, no worry at all, Lagos go contain you wella”There are thousands of very affordable apartments if you are patient enough to find them. There is in fact no need for a comparison between the diversity and affordability of Lagos rent and the general exorbitance of her Abuja counterpart.

4. Plenty of all Types of Markets and Shopping Places

Abuja is no rival of Lagos when it comes to markets. Lagos is the hub of buying, selling and shopping in any way you want it. It is the first arrival place for almost all foreign products imported into the country. There are innumerable shopping places such as open air markets, market stalls, plazas, shopping centres, plazas, and malls. Do you want the small or big, local or international, daytime or late-night, cheap or classy places to buy things, you need not search for them in Lagos. It is only left for you to choose the one that best suits your needs and desires. Haven’t you heard there are markets in Lagos where you could find good clothes and shoes selling at N5.00 each?

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5. Open Doors for Employment and Investment

It is much more easy to land a job in Lagos unlike Abuja, where it is nearly impossible for one to get a job, especially an ‘ordinary’ citizen. With many international companies, small businesses and local investments in Lagos, there is always an opportunity for investment and employment. The metropolis has become a land of opportunity for thousands of Nigerians who come with nothing and end up very comfortable sooner than later.

6. …And T-Fares are so Cheap!

Transportation costs in Lagos is far cheaper than that of Abuja. There are lots of mobility options like the BRT buses, Yellow buses, taxi cabs and tricycles for you in Lagos unlike Abuja where you can only get ‘London taxi’ and green-cabs, which are quite expensive and few. The high cost of ‘special drops’ can be discouraging and to compound your challenge in Abuja, trekking may be a Herculean task because of long distances resulting from the town planning. And don’t forget, in case you have dreams of leaving the shores of the country someday, Lagos is the ideal starting point for a made-easy departure!

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7. Tourism and Adventure Filled – Hotels that Equal Homes

Lagos is always boisterous and overflowing with activities with its deluxe hotels, restaurants and attraction sites. This city far outranks Abuja when it comes to tourism. In Lagos, you are provided with ample opportunities to immerse yourself in deep cultures, surroundings and histories – from spiritual shrines, beaches, parks and many more. The tourism journey in Lagos always gives a worthy run for your money because the fun never ends. Little wonder, thousands of tourists visit Lagos to have a lifetime experience.

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8. The Poor Rise from Dunghill to Sit with Princes!

Whenever it comes to changing your status financially, especially by personal struggles and achievements in Nigeria, there is no better place to be than Lagos. It is the city where paupers eventually turn billionaires! It is a place where anyone can start from the scratch and become a millionaire as soon as possible. Everyone in Lagos is a hustler, a business man; they are always busy working or doing something that will bring them money. Lagosians are taught to be smart and  ‘street-wise’ unlike Abuja, where almost everyone behaves like “already made”. If you check closely, you’ll come to discover that many famous celebrities, politicians, business magnets and billionaires grew from the slums and ghettos of Lagos. Lagos is where you are taught how to make it fast – we love it, and we know you do too.

9. A Sense of Love and Unity

The atmosphere in Lagos is always filled with love and support from people around, unlike Abuja where everyone is like an island, often with an air of formality and seriousness. Talk about solidarity and support, it all-sufficient in Lagos. Sympathy is quickly shared and support is gotten fast because everyone minds everyone’s business. Life is much more informal and less serious. A visit to Abuja would convince you that you are definitely on your own with its peculiar way of life even among neighbours. Nigerians living in Abuja live the fake lifestyle due to the secluded make-believe westernized lifestyle.

10. Lagos Offers a Lively City Life that Increases Longevity

In Lagos, there are always ways around coping with stress, because Lagos provides a variety of experiences that help you wind down after a hectic day, week, or any other period as the case may be. There are always places open to welcome you with cheer, and to take your mind away from the associated troubles of life. If you’ve ever spent a vacation in Lagos, no matter how short, you’ll be able to witness to the fact that the vibe felt in the air is always exciting, colorful, engaging, and boisterous. There is no rule on how parties are going to be held, which means that you’ve got an array of choices for clubs, hookup spots, bars and hotels all waiting for you to join in the fun. People come to Lagos to celebrate their weekends because that is where the social activities make the difference. On the other hand, if you’ve ever lived in Lagos and Abuja, you would be quick to point out the boring social life that hovers around Abuja. On a serious note, if you don’t know how you manage life challenges in Abuja, you may easily drop dead or even commit suicide out of boredom or illnesses that come with it!

The Verdict: Do you now agree that Lagos is better than Abuja? Please share your opinions and judgement with us in the comment below.

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