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Empress Njamah (born: 17 November 1980; Age: 43 years old) is a Nollywood actress, compère, entrepreneur, writer, humanitarian, and founder of the House of Empress. She is most famous for her roles in Black Widow (2017), She Devil (2001), and Void (2019).

As regards her private life, Empress is known for a previous high-profile relationship with singer Timaya and for assumably being married to Nollywood actor Daniel Lloyd. With a career that spanned over 2 decades, the life of the Nollywood actress continues to draw attention. Here’s everything about her childhood, rise to fame, relationships, and all that is interesting.

Summary of Empress Njamah’s Bio

  • Full name: Empress Njamah
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: 17 November 1980
  • Empress Njamah’s Age: 43 years old
  • Ethnicity: Igbo
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Siblings: 4
  • Empress Njamah’s Net worth: $750,000 (estimation)
  • Famous for: acting, philanthropy, and business
  • Empress Njamah’s Instagram: @empressnjamah
  • Twitter: @empressnjamah
  • Facebook: Empress Njamah

Empress is Half Nigerian and Cameroonian

Contrary to the opinion that Empress Njamah was born on 16 November, she was born on 17 November 1980 and mostly takes to social media to celebrate her birth. She was born in Njaaba Local Government of Imo State. Her father is an Igbo man from Imo in Nigeria, while her mother hails from Cameroon.

Empress is one of 5 children, and while her other siblings maintain private lives, her brother, John Njamah, is an actor and director known for A Little White Lie (2016), When Love Hurts (2020), and One Moment in Time (2020). As regards her education, she obtained a first leaving certificate and headed for secondary education. Afterward, she went to Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ogun State, where she studied English.

She Started Acting at 15

Empress Njamah began her acting career at the age of 15 in 1995. At the time, she was barely noticed until 2001 when she was 21 and appeared in She-Devil as Ene. Her fame grew in 2002 with her appearing in several films such as Valentino, The Pasto & Harlot, and Love of My Life.

By 2012, when she was 32, Empress’s career took a great turn with an Africa Movie Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

Empress Njamah Has Established a Career as a Screenwriter

In a bid to explore her talent in the entertainment industry, Njamah has explored the path of movie writing. She is best known for co-writing a 2006 film called Liberian Girl with Sampson Frances. The film stars actors such as Richard Agbor, Ernest Asuzu, John Caleb, and Empress, who played the role of Sando.

Some of Empress Njamah’s Movies

  • Unwanted (2022)
  • The Man Between Us (2021)
  • Darling & Felix (2021)
  • Yes, We Can (2021)
  • Lockdown (2020)
  • Good Citizen (2020)
  • Stroke of Luck (2019)
  • Wedding Saga (2019)
  • Void (2019)
  • Smash (2018)
  • Thick Skinned (2018)
  • The Perfect Crime (2018)
  • June (2018)
  • Black Widow (2017)
  • Wife Material (2017)
  • Different Passion (2016)
  • Behind the Curtains (2015)
  • Emily K (2015)
  • Count on Me (2011)
  • Waiting Years (2010)
  • Heartbeats (2008)
  • Cover Up (2007)
  • Double Game (2007)
  • The Accursed (2007)
  • Angels Forever (2006)
  • Liberian Girl (2006)
  • My Sister’s Act (2005)
  • Dear Sister (2004)
  • Lake of Fire (2004)
  • Last Girl Standing (2004)
  • Missing Angel (2004)
  • Red Hot (2004)
  • When Love Dies (2003)
  • You Broke My Heart (2003)
  • Valentino (2002)
  • The Pastor & Harlot (2002)
  • Love of My Life (2002)
  • She Devil (2001)

She Owns a Clothing Line and Shoe Label

The Imo State native is a businesswoman and founder of Real House of Empress. The company deals with ready-to-wear clothes as well as a shoe label. According to the actress, she went into fashion as a result of “God Factor.” She found out that people relied on her for fashion ideas, and soon enough, she started to enjoy giving people tips on how to look best.

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As part of her work in the clothing sector, she designed the bridesmaid dresses for Mercy Johnson‘s wedding in 2011. Currently, she has been dubbed a fashion queen and is famous for styling actors, among others, for events and more.

Empress Njamah Owns a Charity Foundation

The actress is one of Nigeria’s entertainers to own a charity foundation. In her case, she started the House of Empress Foundation in 2006, which cares for many less privileged children.

Empress has contributed in many ways to the growth of the Foundation since it was founded. This has placed her name on several pages and also won her an award at the Falconet Beauty Pageant Nigeria penultimate Saturday.

Other celebrities to be honored alongside Empress are Mary Onyali and Rita Edochie.

Is Daniel Lloyd Empress Njamah’s Husband?

Empress Njamah
Empress and Daniel Lloyd (Image Source)

Empress is not married to actor Daniel Llyod. Nonetheless, the news that they became married started in 2019 after some images of them in a wedding ceremony posing as a couple surfaced on the Internet.

Despite the attention the news may have gotten, Lloyd has opened up that the pictures were from a scene in a movie where he married Njamah and are not reality, as speculated. He further claimed that people, including Timaya and several other celebrities, had reached out to him to confirm the news that was not true.

Although there is no in-depth knowledge as regards Empress’ thoughts about the so-called marriage with Lloyd, she had earlier professed that she did not have the intention of getting married to any actor.

Her reasons were focused on having depth knowledge about sharing the same job with her spouse could be boring. She further claimed that men have egos, and in a case where she probably earns higher in a career they share, the man’s ego may come into play.

She Had a Controversial Relationship with Timaya

Empress Njamah
Timaya and Empress (Image Source)

Empress and Timaya had a high-profile relationship that ended in a controversial manner in 2009. According to Timaya’s side of the story, Empress was part of the reason why he moved to Lagos, and she would go with him to a lot of places that he needed to be. He added that she was more of a wife.

In spite of the closeness, Timaya opened up that the actress started accusing him of cheating on her with other women even when she could not prove the claim. She later made up her mind to move on and away from the relationship. Prior to the decision, the Dem Mama singer got Empress a car, and he left it with her because, according to him, he thought that they were going to get their relationship fixed.

Yet, the relationship may have been damaged beyond fixing. Timaya then decided to ask for the car back, and when he could not get it, he went to the church she was attending and tried to use a spare key to go with it.

Although there was a tussle before he got the car, Timaya alleged that the entire thing, as well as dating the actress, had a negative effect on him. In his defense as regards the car, he claimed that it was a female fan that got it for him as a gift, and when she noticed that Njamah was using it, she asked for it to be returned, and that was why he went to it.

Their back and forth, especially on social media, continued for years.

Does Empress Njamah Have a Child?

For all that we know, Empress Njamah does not have a biological child. Yet, there is a certainty that she takes care of numerous children through her House of Empress Foundation.

She has also opened up her intention to take things easy and not rush into a marriage and end up becoming a single mother.


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