Ember Months: Soldiers Arrest Teenager With 2 Human Heads [Video]


The Ember months saga has begun as Nigeria Soldiers arrest girl identified as Iheaoma Chidinma with fresh human heads in Imo State.

In a video that is trending online, the teenager who claimed to come from Mgbirichi area of the state was interrogated by the officials and she confessed they killed two people and that the other body parts were taken away to unknown destination.

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She also explained that she was going to bury the heads found with her. The soldiers who apprehended her confirmed the teenager was heading to a nearby bush with a sack when they caught her.

Dread of the Ember Months

The Ember months include September, October, November, and December. From decades of observation and experiences shared by people, the Ember months are dreadful months filled with anxiety.

These months are regarded as a period high in activities such as Marriage Ceremonies, Weddings, Birthday parties, freedom parties, even burials, remembrances, Christmas celebration, high market rush for traders and business men and women.

Ember months is so dreaded for these are periods characterized by high different social violence like armed robbery, kidnap, car high-jacking, ritual killings, rape, oppression and suppression, drunkenness, accidents (home, road, water, air, fire), reckless driving, false accusations, and allegations,  etc.

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The rate of crime tend to increase during the Ember Months for one major factor:

Quest for quick wealth

Hard times and desire to show-off tend to contribute to this factor. While some pursue wealth out of frustration, others wish to acquire it without clean efforts. Many Nigerian youths have perished for the same quest, as they have become peddlers of hideous crimes – robbery, kidnapping, cultism, rituals, etc.

The society blames parents for some of the indiscipline acts displaced by some youths, and parents blame the society for not providing the infrastructures and social amenities required for youths to thrive.