Eman Ahmed: World’s Heaviest Woman Finally Has Hopes Of Living Normal


An Egyptian who is believed to be the world’s heaviest woman has shed 15 stone (100kg) after undergoing weight loss surgery in India.

Eman Ahmed Abd El Aty weighed 78 stone (500kg) before being flown to Mumbai in India for the operation. A surgery was performed on Eman on Tuesday which would help in restricting the amount of food intake.

The 36-year-old had not left her home in Alexandria for 25 years prior to the surgery. She was lifted out of her bed by crane and put on a cargo plane for the journey from her Egypt home to India. One of the world’s leading bariatric surgeons had volunteered to treat her after an appeal from her family for help.

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A statement issued by Eman’s doctors for Mumbai’s Saifee Hospital confirmed the surgery had taken place, saying;

“Eman successfully underwent a Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy on March 7th 2017 at Saifee Hospital. She had an uneventful surgery and anesthesia course. She is now on oral fluids and accepting them well.

“The future course of action for the medical team working on her will be to correct all her associated medical problems, to get her fit enough to fly back to Egypt as soon as possible.”

She had been losing a stone a day leading up to the operation after being put on a special 1,200 calorie a day diet. Sleeve gastrectomy involves removing most of the stomach, limiting the amount of food you can eat.

world's heaviest woman eman ahmed

Medics said in her first five days at the hospital she lost a staggering 66lbs – more than 13lbs a day – after being put on a liquid diet.

Ahmed has shown remarkable improvement despite suffering multiple strokes in between. Pictures of her before and after the surgery shows a huge difference.

The hospital has passed the primary hurdle of tracking her kilos by installing a new bed fitted with its own weighing machine.

The difficulty in swallowing food had reduced notably as she no longer coughs it out. There is clarity in her speech. Rigorous physiotherapy sessions have also meant that she can even hold her toes and come up on her own.

Her surgeon Dr Muffazal Lakdawala said it is all because the body fluid has gone down. Losing the next 100kg however won’t be easy as the medicines have mostly done their job.

She will soon be sent back to Alexandria and kept under observation until she returns back for the next procedure. Doctors are hoping to find out the reason behind the strokes by next month when she is likely to fit into an MRI machine. The medical team is largely working with portable x-rays currently.

Eman was reportedly born with elephantiasis – a parasitic infection which causes extreme swelling in a person’s limbs and arms.

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She has been heavy all her life and by the time she was 11 she was too heavy to walk, and had to crawl to get around.She suffered a cerebral stroke as a child which left her bed-ridden and she piled on the pounds.