These 16 Electoral Offenses Will Land You Straight into Prison on the Election Day


As part of our effort to sensitize the public about “happenings” as we gear up towards the general elections, we bring you this article on Vanguard about the penalties for electoral offences.

Electoral offences are arguably the most widespread infractions of the law in this season. However, few are ever punished in Nigeria. The most notable are offences leading to the election including violations of campaign expenses and the use of government facilities for campaign.

Indeed, it is even more remarkable that because of the system in Nigeria that a number of politicians after deliberately infringing upon the law to get into public offices use the privileges of the office and the public purse to sustain themselves in office. Funds are obtained from government office to pay lawyers for electoral cases.

Prof. Maurice Iwu as chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission had in 2007 vowed to use a then deputy governor of one of the Southwest states who was caught red-handed pulling ballot boxes as an example, however, nothing came out of it. Indeed, in most cases, only the little ones in society, thugs and such who get apprehended by security agents, but in almost all cases, the cases are swept underneath.

Nevertheless, the Electoral Laws stipulate conditions that could make a voter go to prison from polling post on Election Day. Among them are:

Giving someone money to vote for or not to vote for someone N100,000 fine or 12 months in prison or both
A person shall be culpable if within the vicinity of a polling station or collation center he/she:- Convenes ameeting- Wears, carries a badge, poster, banner,flagor symbol relating to a politicalparty- Makes unauthorized official announcements  N100,000 or 6 months in prison for each offence
A person shall be guilty if he/she:- Canvasses for votes on ElectionDay- Shouts political partyslogans- Is in possession of offensive weapons or wearsany dressing that could intimidate other voters

– Wears clothes or symbols that could refer to

a political party in the election

– Brings to the vicinity of the polling area vehicles that

could refer to as that of a political party in the election

– Hangs around the polling area after voting or being

refused to vote

– Uses siren

N100,000 or six months in prison for each offence
Forging ballot paper or Certificate of Return 2 years in prison
Being in possession of more than one valid PVC N100,000 fine or 12 months in prison or both
Impersonation using another person’s PVC N500,000 fine or 12 months in prison or both
Voting more than once N500,000 fine or 12 months in prison or both

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